‘Christmas Waltz’ Director’s New Christmas Movie Won’t Be on Hallmark

Crown Media A scene from Christmas Waltz.

The director of one of The Hallmark Channel’s most popular movies of the 2020 holiday season, “The Christmas Waltz,” is making a new Christmas movie. But this season, his movie is going to be on a competitor’s network rather than on The Hallmark Channel.

His Movie Will Premiere on the Ex-Hallmark Channel CEO’s New Network

GAC Family

Instead of premiering on The Hallmark Channel, Michael Damian’s new movie is going to premiere on GAC Family. GAC Family is a new TV channel launching on September 27. The new channel is overseen by former Hallmark Channel CEO, Bill Abbott.

Damian announced the news on Twitter, sharing that his movie is going to premiere on GAC Family on October 30 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

He also shared a first look at the movie on Twitter, which you can see in the photo below.

Will Kemp, who starred in “Christmas Waltz,” shared a clapping hand emoji about the news.

Susie Abromeit & Torrance Coombs are starring in “Much Ado About Christmas.”

The synopsis reads:

In ‘Much Ado About Christmas,’ Haley is beloved in her community of Winterstone for acts of kindness ranging from managing The Hope Chest to directing the children’s choir. Haley is also the daughter of one of Winterstone’s wealthiest residents Leona Lloyd. Despite Haley’s down-to-earth demeanor, she is financially set as Leona’s only heir — information she fails to share with new love interest Claud, an artsy, hopeless romantic. Haley introduces herself to Claud as ‘Haley Logan,’ raised by a single, struggling mom, a small fib that becomes a complication when Claud and his team present an ad pitch to Leona that includes a photo of Claud’s new girlfriend…Haley! Secrets are revealed and relationships ruffled, but Christmas is coming and miracles do happen.

Damian said the network is brand new, but should be free on cable networks if it’s available.

Filming on the movie began in mid-July.

In August, the movie wrapped filming in Bucharest, Romania.

Damian shared that he was “super excited” about the Christmas movie when they wrapped filming on August 4.

He wrote: “Hi friends, I hope you’re having a wonderful week! Super excited we wrap filming my new Christmas movie today! Can’t wait to share all the exciting news about the stars and more with you very soon🎥🕺💕”

Damian also clarified that the movie was filmed in Bucharest.

He wrote: “Hey friends, I hope you’re all doing great! We wrapped filming our latest Christmas film and flying back from Bucharest to see the family. Wishing you a wonderful weekend💕🕺💝”

On July 21, he wrote that Bucharest was “fantastic and love the cast of our new Holiday film!!!”

GAC Family Has Picked Up Quite a Few New Holiday Movies

Damian’s movie isn’t the only holiday movie premiering on GAC Family this year.

GAC Family announced that “An Autumn Romance” is premiering on Saturday, October 23 at 8 p.m. Eastern. It stars Chad Michael Murray and Jessica Lowndes, along with Dennis Andrews, Moni Ogunsuyi, and Michael Brown.

The description reads: “[W]hen Seattle-based librarian Taylor Harris (Lowndes) suddenly loses her job, she travels to Montana to visit her brother Craig (Andres) and his wife Christine (Ogunsuyi) and quickly finds herself immersed in her brother’s effort to save the Graff Hotel, which has been purchased by tech tycoon Joel Sheenan (Murray) and his associate, Ray Dixon (Brown).”

And “Christmas Time Is Here” premieres on November 18 at 8 p.m. Eastern, starring Dewshane Williams, Rukiya Bernard, and Tom Pickett. The synopsis reads: “In ‘Christmas Time Is Here,’ Nia Moore (Bernard), a successful small-town realtor, has her heart set on closing a big sale on a new resort for her client, Julian Parsons (Williams), just in time for Christmas. There is only one hitch. No matter how many properties in Pine Valley Nia shows Julian, he keeps coming back to the one resort that isn’t for sale…the one belonging to Nia’s widower dad, Patrick (Pickett)…”

Jen Lilley is also starring in a GAC Family movie called “Royally Wrapped for Christmas,” according to her social media posts, and it looks like a new movie by Cameron Mathison will also be on the network.

In a press release, GAC Media shared that the new channel is launching on September 27 with the tagline “Stories Well Told.” The network “will feature programming that celebrates American culture, lifestyle and heritage with original holiday-themed, family-friendly movies and series.”

The GAC Family channel is an evolution of what was originally the Great American Country channel. The GAC Living channel, which is also launching on September 27, is an evolution of the Ride TV network, which GAC Media also acquired.

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