Erin Krakow Wants Lori Loughlin Back on ‘When Calls the Heart’

Crown Media Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow on Season 5 of When Calls the Heart.

Erin Krakow, who plays Elizabeth on Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart, has said that she really hopes Lori Loughlin returns to the series as Abigail. Loughlin was released from the series by Hallmark after the college admissions scandal broke. She’s since served time in prison and completed her community service. Here’s why Krakow said she wants Loughlin to return to the show.

Krakow Would Welcome Loughlin Back ‘With Open Arms’

In an interview with ET Canada, Krakow talked about how much she’d like to see Loughlin return to When Calls the Heart. She didn’t hold back on how much she liked the character of Abigail and how much she wants to see her return to Hope Valley.

When asked if there was a chance that Abigail might come back in a future season, Krakow said:

From your lips to God’s ears. I truly, truly hope so. It would make me so happy to see Abigail back in Hope Valley. And I think there are still a lot of really beautiful stories for her character to get to tell. I would welcome her back with open arms. So let’s hope.

Fans have mixed feelings about whether Loughlin should come back. Some would love to see her return.

One fan wrote on Twitter in response to Krakow’s words: “This makes my heart overflow! I do pray Abigail gets to come back, I miss her!”

Krakow is also a producer for When Calls the Heart, so it’s possible that her desire to see Loughlin on the show again might have some influence.

After the interview was released, Krakow simply wrote on Twitter, “Thanks @ETCanada & @losbot for this great interview! #Hearties”

She also tweeted that she also still ships an Abigail-Henry romance.

Executive Producer Brian Bird Said He Believes in Second Chances

Brian Bird Teases When Calls the Heart Season 8!Brian Bird shares some of his favorite moments from When Calls the Heart, how he got the nickname "Papa Heartie," who he'd like to see guest star in Hope Valley, how the When Calls the Heart team pulled Season 6 together after Lori Loughlin's departure and more! We were also able to squeeze out five…2020-09-23T05:08:39Z

When Calls the Heart co-creator and executive producer Brian Bird has also said that he would welcome back Loughlin. In a September 2020 interview with the Hearties Hotline Podcast, Bird said: “You know I’ve been praying for the best outcome possible for her and her family. Not just the most merciful one, but the most just one as well… We all make mistakes.”

Bird said that removing Loughlin’s scenes from Season 6 was painful but necessary.

“We had a choice: Either the show gets canceled now or, we try to figure out something else,” he said. “It was painful for us to do this because we love Lori. We only want to see the best for her. And Hope Valley is a place of second chances. We believe it is a place of second chances. We believe in that not just for stories, but for real life. Everybody deserves second chances.”

Loughlin Wants to Return to Acting

As for Loughlin, she would like to start acting again too.

A source close to Loughlin told People: “She previously expressed that she would love to act again at some point. She always loved her career. She loves filming and creating movies. The only focus right now though is to reunite with Mossimo.”

The source emphasized that Loughlin’s focus at the moment is her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, who is still in prison. Giannulli won’t be leaving prison until April 17, 2021, the Bureau of Prisons told WHDH.

Loughlin recently completed her two-month prison sentence and her 100 hours of community service. She also received a $150,000 fine. Vanity Fair reported on February 11 that she would complete her community service that week.

Hallmark has not made any indication that the network would take Loughlin back. The network cut ties with Loughlin when the scandal initially broke and has moved on from the actress’s roles on the network.

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