Good Witch’s Grey House Owner Confirms the Series Had Two Alternate Endings

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When Hallmark’s “Good Witch” series ended, fans heard that the producers had originally made two different endings because they weren’t sure if the series would be canceled or not. Now the owner of Grey House, a key part of the “Good Witch” set, has shared what she knew about the alternate endings.

The Owner of Grey House Said She Knew the Series Would Be Canceled When They Filmed Two Endings

Liz Heersink, who owns the real-life Grey House where exterior shots for the series were still filmed, talked briefly about the two endings in an interview with The Hamilton Spectator.

Heersink said: “I was told they were shooting two endings. Ok, I thought, that’s the end of the show.”

Hamilton Spectator reported that one of the endings was going to be a cliffhanger in case the series was renewed, while the other was the proper series finale that fans saw on TV.

Maria Fischer, a spokesperson for The Hallmark Channel, told Spectator that they were proud of the show, but after 13 years it had reached its natural conclusion and it was time to say goodbye.

“The network is incredibly proud of ‘Good Witch.’ The franchise reached a natural conclusion after a remarkable 13-year run,” Fischer said.

Heersink’s home on 7 Overfield St. has served as the show’s Grey House location since 2008, Spectator reported. In real-life it’s known as Foxbar and was built in 1847. She said the show paid her well for using the home, and she donated the money to Good Shepherd Centre. For the first few years, her home was used for both exterior and interior shots. Eventually, they replicated the inside of her home and filmed the interior scenes at a studio in Toronto, but still filmed the exterior scenes on her property.

In a separate interview with Spectator, Heersink said that filming usually happened in August for a Halloween movie, followed by filming from October through December for the rest of the season. During breaks between filming, actors would wait in her greenhouse and laundry room.

“They are the loveliest people,” she said about the actors and crew. “…They are so polite and gracious.”

She said that while she enjoyed the friendships she made, it wasn’t always easy to have her home be such an important part of the series, Spectator reported.

“It was fun,” she said. “Friends could come over and watch a television show being made… (But) it was an imposition. They had 13 years. They had a long ride.”

She said she still expects fans to come for visits from time to time, and she lets them take pictures on the steps of her house.

James Denton & Catherine Bell Also Talked About the Two Endings

In a Facebook live discussion just before the series finale aired, James Denton (who plays Sam) and Catherine Bell (who plays Cassie) talked about the two endings.

They shared that two different endings were filmed for the final episode. The cast and crew did not know that the series was going to be canceled, but they had an ending planned that wrapped everything up nicely without any cliffhangers. This ensured that fans wouldn’t be left hanging or with big questions like they might with a normal season finale.

Denton said: “It’s a fun finale.”

“We did two versions,” Bell said. “…We didn’t know we were not coming back, but there were two options. I guess they do that sometimes.”

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