Paul Greene Shares Photos of His New Baby: ‘We Are Super Duper in Love’

Paul Greene on When Calls the Heart

Crown Media Paul Greene on When Calls the Heart

Paul Greene’s fiancee, Kate Austin, gave birth to a healthy baby boy in mid-December. Now the proud father and Hallmark star is sharing photos of his two-week-old baby for the world to see.

Greene Said It Was a ‘Wild Ride’ Since Austin Was Two Weeks Late

Greene, 47, shared a photo of Austin Greene at two weeks of age and said he and Kate Austin, 42, are “super duper in love.”

Green wrote: “He’s such a good kid. We are in a baby bliss bubble of love, christmas meals and naps.”

He said that Kate Austin is a “natural mama.” He added that the birth was a “wild ride” because Austin was born two weeks late.

“Kate was in labor for a whopping 4 days… it was intense and so worth it. He’s healthy and happy as are we,” he said.

Fans and colleagues chimed in to share their congratulations in reply to Greene’s post.

Nikki DeLoach wrote, “Awww he’s just perfect. So happy for you!”

Cindy Busby wrote, “What an angel!!! And a magical day of birth ✨ sending the family so much love 💖”

Rachel Boston wrote, “Welcome to the world baby boy!!!”

Andrea Brooks, who plays Faith on “When Calls the Heart” opposite Greene’s Carson, wrote: “Congrats Kate and Paul! ❤️”

Kate Austin wrote on Instagram, in part: “It’s been a wild ride so far stepping into new roles in life and getting to know this special little human. He’s super chill and relaxed, just like he was in the womb… so much so he didn’t want to come out!”

Austin weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces when he was born, People reported, and he gained a pound in just two weeks. Greene joked that he’s changing Austin’s diapers 10 times a day.

They revealed that Kate Austin had to have a C-section, so Greene was taking care of most of the baby’s needs for the first nine days or so. They had hoped to have a natural birth at home, but had to go to the hospital. He said his wife is a legend.

“We are about to go for her first beach walk since the birth. I have a dad’s harness where I carry Austin as he snuggles in like a little bug. We are excited for all three of us to take a stroll,” he told People.

They Had Their First Coffee Date When Austin Was Two Weeks Old

Once Austin was two weeks old, Kate Austin and Paul Greene went out for their first coffee date with him.

“We are smitten. He’s a really fab kid,” Greene wrote.

Greene’s been keeping up with livestreams after the baby’s birth, and continued sharing photos on Instagram, including one of his cat.

He also shared what he wears to help carry his baby around when he’s home.

Here’s another photo:

He wrote on Instagram shortly after Austin was born: “It’s been such a crazy wild last blur of days. So much love & so much adventure. Thank you all for the prayers and the support during this time. … Austin and mama are doing great he’s a good boy… Great eater a great sleeper he passed all the important tests.”

Greene has another child, Oliver, with his ex-wife Angi Greene Fletcher. Oliver is 18, People reported.

When Greene and Austin announced their pregnancy over the summer, Green told People that being a father is a learning experience that keeps him young.

I love being a dad. It teaches me to be kind and patient, and is a total learning experience which keeps me young. I was born to be a dad.

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