‘When Calls the Heart’ Exec Says His Heart Is Broken

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The showrunner for Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart,” John Tinker, recently posted on Facebook that his heart is broken over fans’ reactions to the show’s season finale, but they are still hard at work on Season 9.

This article has spoilers for the “When Calls the Heart” Season 8 finale. 

He Said Fans’ Contentious Reactions ‘Breaks My Heart’

In a public Facebook post, “When Calls the Heart” showrunner John Tinker said that fan reactions have broken his heart, so he’s taken a break from social media. However, he emphasized that he still feels like working on the series is a blessing and he’s still enthusiastic about Season 9.

Tinker and his wife, Ronda Rich, typically do a Facebook Live video on Thursday nights where they answer questions from fans about previous episodes. However, the couple did not do a Facebook Live the Thursday night following the finale. Instead, Tinker shared this post on Friday morning.


Tinker wrote:

Given the contentious upset over the triangle’s resolution, I’ve mostly stayed off social media. Please, forgive me for not responding to any messages at the moment. It breaks my heart that the story of a town where people repeatedly lift one another from the dust, in love and compassion, has caused discord among its devoted family of viewers. So, for now, know that we are back in the writers room, exuberant over the stories we’re developing for season nine — and holding firm to those values that aim to elevate, encourage, and gladden the human condition. What a blessing that is to do… whether on television or in life.

Some fans chimed in and told Tinker that they may not be as vocal, but they loved how the season ended.

One fan wrote: “I would like to affirm you for your beautiful writing of the show. Many of us may not be as vocal, but we find joy in watching each and every of the episode. Not letting the negativity steal the joy. I look forward to more seasons of When Calls the Heart😊 God bless your whole team! Millions of us will be waiting.”

Another fan wrote: “The fact that you wanted to get season 8 done for us through COVID-19 speaks loudly of your teams dedication. We are Hope Valley Strong. I am so excited to see season 9. Loved everything about WCTH season 8. ♥️♥️♥️ Good luck.”

Fans Were Divided Over How the Season Ended

Fans were divided when Elizabeth chose Lucas over Nathan for the season finale, ending the love triangle that had kept fans guessing for a couple of seasons.

One fan wrote to Tinker: “I can’t believe we had so many rude people at the ending. Continue your brilliant writing. Looking forward to season 9 😘

Other fans surmised that it was a small number of people being vocal about leaving the show, while the happy fans weren’t as vocal. One fan wrote, “I think it is a small number of people making a lot of noise.”

One fan who was on Team Nathan wrote: ” While I admit I was upset at first, I believe you will make season 9 great and tie up a lot of loss ends. Also, please bring Henry back and Abigail. Time for healing in Hope Valley should be for all and Abigail was and is a huge part of the healing not just for the town, the fans but mainly for Henry. He needs her.”

However, another fan wasn’t as kind, writing: “I’m terribly disappointed with Season 8 as a whole. Fans overwhelmingly wanted Nathan. Their chemistry was palpable; whereas, her chemistry with Lucas was awkward, if not downright lacking. You had a chance to create a great love story and opted for mediocrity. Not sure I’m even interested in seeing Season 9.”

Another fan offered, ” I think why Nathan fans are so upset is how it all went down . It was like a 3 year build up to a major let down. For me now I can’t think of wcth without sadness . I don’t begrudge Lucas fans and wish them all the best ! But it would almost be better to just not have Nathan in the show going forward . I just don’t see how it can heal and be a friendship now and making Nathan do that is kinda of rude to his character . I think Elizabeth changed in this season and not for the best.”

However, Team Lucas fans believe the show had given a lot of hints that Lucas was going to be her final choice and it wasn’t surprising.

Since February, some fans have said that Lucas demonstrated the Bible verse “Love is patient. Love is kind” which has been referenced on the show.

They referenced the same verse when Elizabeth chose Lucas.

So while some fans are unhappy, others are very happy with the ending.

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