‘When Calls the Heart’ Season 9 Episode 4 Review: Both Love & Mystery Deepen This Week

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Hallmark’s “When Calls the Heart” has returned for season 9 episode 4. In this episode, called “Straight from the Heart,” we get a lot of really adorable scenes featuring Lucas and Little Jack, while we also learn more about some of the struggles that other residents of Hope Valley are facing.

For this episode, Chris McNally as Lucas really stole the show. Not only did he have a dramatic scene with that sneak attack, but his adorable moments with Little Jack and the romantic scenes with Elizabeth really shined. We could see many different sides to Lucas in this episode, and he shined in all of them.

This story is a review and recap for “When Calls the Heart” season 9 episode 4, so there will be SPOILERS below.

Lucas Stole the Show This Week

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Lucas truly stole the show this week. A big theme for this episode was his volunteering to watch Little Jack for not one but two days in a row. When Lucas first volunteered, Elizabeth was surprised, assuming he had business that needed to take precedent. But Lucas stepped right up and it was so cute. It was a great thematic choice for the episode.

Lucas and Little Jack’s very first scene alone together while Lucas pretended to be a lion is super adorable. And then he really shined in the next scenes where we saw him playing outside with Little Jack while dressed in his fancy suit. In fact, Elizabeth sees him later from afar while she’s teaching and is really impressed. But when the kids start to ask if she’s getting married, it throws her off a bit. (I love that the question threw her off, but didn’t scare her off.)

Rosemary runs into Lucas and Little Jack later, and Lucas admits that Little Jack is having some trouble. He asks Rosemary for advice, and she guesses that maybe his molars are coming in. She suggests ice cream, but Lucas was already warned away from that by Elizabeth. So she suggests visiting Faith for her input. So Lucas brings Little Jack over to Faith and she says his gums are a little inflamed. It’s kind of funny to see Lucas so flustered. Faith assures him that it’s normal for children to go through growing pains.

“Relax, you’re doing a wonderful job with Little Jack,” she assures him.

Lucas is known for being so confident all the time, so it’s really fun to see that he cares for Little Jack so much already that he’s feeling really nervous and unsure of himself. In fact, this shines through later when Rosemary tells Elizabeth that she believes Lucas is going to make a great dad.

When Elizabeth gets home later that day, she sneaks upstairs to find Lucas reading to Little Jack right before he goes to bed. The scene really touches her heart and she tells Lucas that watching them caused her to feel more for him than she realized.

Later, she finds Lucas asleep on the couch and whispers to him, “I love you.” It’s her first attempt at those words, and it’s just the sweetest thing. I honestly just love their relationship and how their story is unfolding on the show. The fact that she told him her feelings while he was asleep, before he told her that he was in love, speaks volumes about how much she cares.

Lucas’ Attack Was an Unexpected Plot Twist

After Lucas and Elizabeth’s really sweet scene together, someone attacks him the moment he steps away from her row house. Is it connected to Wyman Walden, who had wanted to speak with him before his dinner with Elizabeth? We heard last week that Lucas was trying to gain his trust for some kind of undercover goal. So the person who attacked him has to be connected somehow.

In a later scene, Lucas confronts Walden and the Pinkertons, telling them that he believes they were behind his attack (which they don’t deny) and instructs them to stay away from Elizabeth and Little Jack.

I’ve got to give this show credit. Lucas’ attack even surprised me! And it was quite the tonal shift from the peaceful, heartwarming scene he and Elizabeth just had together.

The next day when he shows up to watch Little Jack, he lies about why he has a black eye and just tells her that he walked into a door. I don’t think lying to her is the best approach, so hopefully, he plans to open up more to her later when Little Jack isn’t listening. This might throw a wrench into their relationship if she finds out later that he wasn’t honest.

But for now, things are going smoothly between them. When she gets home from school, she finds that Lucas had a telephone installed in her row house while she was gone. She’s not too happy about that at first, but the two handle the disagreement in a smooth and peaceful way that really speaks to what a great match they are.

Mr. Landis Is Also Causing Trouble

Mr. Landis is back and causing trouble in this episode. This time, he’s insisting Elizabeth’s new certification is worthless because it’s outside the district. Although he may have a point, he surely could work with her to figure something out, rather than just trying to kick her out, don’t you think?

Elizabeth actually yells at Landis out of frustration, which surprises me, and tells him that he has to leave. When it comes to her students, she’s willing to fight for them and do whatever it takes.

When he’s trying to leave, he finds out that one of the students glued his hat to the desk, and he’s really upset. To him, this is further proof that she’s not doing a good job. But Elizabeth isn’t going to just take Landis’ insults, and she reminds him that he needs to leave and this is her school.

While I was impressed with Elizabeth, she actually feels pretty bad about yelling at him, she admits to Rosemary. She feels like she’s messed everything up, and with the foundry children arriving soon, she might not control the school for much longer.

Mei Sou & Nathan Have a Sweet & Peaceful Dynamic

Mei Sou and Nathan’s storyline was so nice this week. While they had a setback last week, they seem to work everything out this time around. Their peaceful dynamic provides a nice backdrop to some of the more dramatic things happening in this episode.

When the episode begins, Mei Sou shows up at the constable’s office to visit Nathan and offer to work with Newton again. She’s changed her mind about wanting Nathan to keep his distance, saying she realized she can hit two birds with one stone by teaching them together. It’s a nice extended olive branch, and Nathan extends his own later by sharing how impressed he is with how well Mei Sou is doing with Newton.

“Considering the bond you two have, I can’t imagine what this horse means to you,” she says. Nathan admits that when he thought he couldn’t help Newton, it was really tough.

“We all have limitations,” she says. “What’s important is learning to accept them and to rely on someone we trust when we fall short.”

She really has some wise words that Nathan needs to hear.

Nathan later stops by to visit Mei Sou and invites her to dinner as a thank you. It’s nice to see Nathan moving on and taking a step forward.

But before her dinner, she stops by to visit Bill and tells him that she needs his help.

“I’m a fugitive of sorts, from my husband. Well, he’s not… It’s confusing. You may want to take notes,” she begins. We’re not privvy to the rest of the conversation, but it’s enough to really throw Bill off and leave him staring at Mei Sou while she and Nathan are having dinner later.

Lee’s Going to Really Thrive in His New Job

I think Lee’s going to really thrive in his new newspaper job. He wants to sink his teeth into a topic that’s more serious next, but Rosemary says she really needs him to report on the mayor, which he agrees to do.

I like how she assures him she’d always tell him the truth, even if he didn’t want to hear it, and she truly does believe he’d be a good mayor. They have a strong relationship that is truly grown on trust.

In a later scene, Lee is interviewing Mike and asks what his first order of business is for the town. Mike does quite a good “political” job of avoiding the question. This really frustrates Lee, who interprets it as meaning that Mike doesn’t have a single vision for the town.

“I just don’t think he’s cut out for this job,” he complains to Rosemary later. But she helps him realize that he needs to give him another chance and try to put his personal feelings aside for the job. Bill has to do that himself later, when he has his own doubts about Mike.

I really think that Mike is going to end up surprising everyone with how good he is at the job.

Are Molly & Bill Over Before They Even Started?

We finally get a Molly and Bill scene, which has been seriously lacking so far this season. Bill’s checking out Wyman’s gun to see if it was recently fired, and Molly is very intrigued by the mystery. But Bill distracts her by reminding her that her passion is interior design. Molly admits to Faith later that interior design isn’t really her thing and she hasn’t found her true passion yet.

Later, Faith admits to Molly that when she and Carson were together, it always took effort. Molly tells her that she’s happy being single, and she thinks that she and Bill will just remain kindred spirits but that’s all. This makes me wonder if the writers have decided not to pursue a Molly-Bill relationship after all.

Wyman Walden Is Still a Mystery & Joseph Canfield Is a Hero

As for Wyman Walden, he’s still a big mystery. We don’t get any more clues about what Lucas was planning from last week’s cliffhanger. But we do learn that Wyman visited Brookfield and was briefly arrested there too, under suspicion that he was continuing the same scam he played on Jesse and Clara. However, they couldn’t hold him for long.

Walden and the Pinkertons ride back into Hope Valley, and Bill and Nathan confront them. Neither are carrying weapons and they insist they were only in town for refreshments.

Lucas then confronts them and warns them not to go near Elizabeth or Little Jack, even though he’s fine if they want to try to intimidate him.

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Another person who is not about to be intimidated is Joseph Canfield. He wants to be a partner in Lee’s business, now that Lee’s focusing on the newspaper gig more. And Minnie wants to buy part of the cafe.

But both of them put those discussions aside briefly when Cooper is still struggling at school. In fact, he was so upset at Landis that he glued his hat to the desk and insists he doesn’t feel bad about it, and would in fact do it again.

However, it seems that he gets his fire from his dad! While Minnie and Joseph are talking, a car pulls up that’s heavily damaged in front. Joseph realizes this closely matches the description of the car that hit Nathan. The man takes off running and Joseph chases after him and catches him, dragging him to jail.

Cooper’s so proud!

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And while the man is insisting that he wasn’t involved in Nathan’s accident, we might be getting some more clues about what was going down soon.

All in all, this was a really great episode. I’m loving the slowburn of Nathan and Mei Sou’s growing relationship, built on mutual respect. The Walden and Pinkerton mystery is intriguing, especially with how Lucas is tangled up in it. And the Lucas and Elizabeth scenes are just adorable. Lucas really stole the show this week.

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Andrew Hass
Andrew Hass
3 months ago

Since Lucas is dating Elizabeth it makes sense that he needs to spend time with her son Jack and let Jack get to know him.As for Lucas not telling Elizabeth about him been attacked, he may not want her to worry about him since she has other things to worry about.Plus i’m wondering if a part of Elizabeth was worried about Lucas spending time with Jack but Lucas offering to babysit Jack might have eased Elizabeth’s worry.

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