Why Erin Napier Says ‘Home Town’ Is Not Just About Remodeling Houses

Erin & Ben "Home Town"

HGTV Erin and Ben Napier pose together.

Over the past five years, HGTV stars Erin Napier and her husband Ben have hosted a slew of home renovation shows, including “Home Town,” “Home Town Takeover,” and “Home Town: Ben’s Workshop.” However, Erin has asserted that their shows are not just about home makeovers. 

Erin Napier Discussed What Fans Appreciate About ‘Home Town’

Erin and Ben recently appeared on the “Biscuits & Jam” podcast. During the episode, which was uploaded on July 13,  the show’s host, Sid Evans, who currently serves as Southern Living’s editor-in-chief, noted that Erin has previously stated “that ‘Home Town’ is more than a home renovation show.” The mother-of-two clarified that the show’s “home renovation aspect” is “rarely the thing that people reach out to [them] about.”

Out of all the emails and questions we get, a third of them pertain to the renovation. Two thirds pertain to what it means for people to have hope and living in a small town that’s struggling,” said Erin.

Ben then noted that fans are usually interested in “the people on the show.” As an example, Erin stated that fans have reached out wanting to know if the show’s hardwood floor restoration expert, Mike Husers, has recovered from his recent hip surgery. 

“People get very invested in the people that they’ve met on this show. But also they’re finding a lot of hope in it,” said Erin. 

The 35-year-old then stated that throughout 2020 she “got emails that made [her] cry for the first time.” 

“One in particular that stands out to me was from a woman who was in the hospital for maybe a mastectomy but it was during COVID and she said, ‘I’m in the hospital and I’m completely alone,’” stated the television personality. 

Ben noted that the woman was not allowed visitors due to the regulations that the hospital implemented because of the pandemic. Erin went on to say that she and her husband “kept [the woman] company in the hospital ’cause they played so many reruns of ‘Home Town.’” She also noted that quite a few viewers have let them know that they “were a comfort [and] that [the show is] more than home renovation.” 

“It was soothing and it was comforting in a time that they were very lonely and trapped in their houses or trapped in a hospital without any family,” said Erin. “And that makes you feel like gosh, we’re doing something so much bigger than making pretty houses. Like that’s not the point at all any more really.” 

Erin Napier Made Similar Comments While Speaking to Drew Scott & His Wife Linda

Erin made similar statements while speaking on the “At Home with Linda & Drew Scott” podcast. She noted that they “saw [their] fanbase absolutely explode in 2020 and it’s 100 percent because of COVID.”

“People were at home, they were watching a lot of reruns [of ‘Home Town’] but it gave them something lovely to fixate on,” shared Erin.

The 35-year-old went on to say that in 2020 they “were getting so many emails from people who were alone in the hospital.” 

“They thanked us for staying with them through it,” noted the mother-of-two. 

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