HGTV’s Erin Napier Reveals Secret Project & When ‘Home Town’ Will Return

Erin Napier

Getty Erin Napier of "Home Town" on HGTV

Erin Napier has a secret and it’s “killing” her to have to keep it under wraps. Fans are trying to decipher clues in an Instagram post the HGTV star shared, teasing a big project in the works. In the midst of all the speculation, the TV star also dropped a major hint about when her hit show, “Home Town” will return to TV.

Erin Napier Shares Image of Secret Shop Window

Erin revealed to fans she’s birthing a brand new project, which looks like a new retail space in downtown Laurel, Mississippi, where she lives and films “Home Town” with her husband Ben.

On September 7, 2022, the star posted an Instagram photo of a quaint shop window with large floor-to-ceiling banners made to look like the spines of vintage books, including one called “Porch Party” authored by “Napier.” Another book banner has the word “Laurel” on the spine and the year 1882, which is the year the Napiers’ hometown was founded as a lumber camp. There’s also one with the title “Scotsman” and another titled “Portside.”

In front of the book banners, there are big white letters that say “every scent tells a story.” It’s clear the shop is a work-in-progress, as a ladder and construction materials can also be seen through the window.

Erin captioned the post, “It is KILLING me that I can’t show you what we’ve been working on the last few months but it’s going to be so worth it when we finally do.” She added emojis of a candle and a stack of books, and also added in parentheses “no it is not a baby.” She also added a link to Laurel Mercantile’s Instagram feed and geotagged the post to Historic Downtown Laurel.

Fans Trying to Decipher Clues Dropped By Erin

Introducing The Garden CollectionOur candles are some of the best American-made products that we offer, but they are particularly significant to Erin. For her, these aren't just scents; they're representations of the best memories and places in her lifetime.2022-05-24T14:40:49Z


Fans are closely examining the post and Erin’s passions to try to find clues to what the retail space will become. Some have speculated the space will be a book store, which would make sense given Erin’s love of books. In a July podcast interview, she used to think she’d wind up working in the publishing industry and still has dreams of doing so.

My background is in graphic design and I thought I would design books for a living,” she said. “And that’s what I’m gonna do one day when I’m not on TV. That’s the plan. Books are my life. When I’m done with TV, that’s my dream.”

But other fans are guessing it will be a candle shop, given her lifelong love of scents. On May 20, Laurel Mercantile released a video of Erin — who is head of development for the company’s candle line — talking about her passion as she introduced new “garden scents” to their candle line.

“I’ve been saving samples of perfumes or candles or potpurris, lotions, bubblebaths, bath salts, since seventh grade,” Napier explained in the video. “I have hundreds and hundreds of things — bottles that have this much left in them, for this. So we can develop these fragrances. Because once a smells is gone, is it gone forever? I hope not because that’s what these candles are for. They are to honor memories.”

In 2020, Erin developed a line of 20 candles sold at Laurel Mercantile, and some of the scents’ names are the same as the titles of the book banners hanging in the shop window: Scotsman, Laurel, Portside, and Porch Party.

Though fans will have to wait to get the full answer to what tricks Erin has up their sleeves with the new space, they did solve one mystery: when the Napiers’ hit show will return to HGTV.

On the post about the retail space, one fan wrote, “whennnn is Home Town coming back” with a crying emoji.

To fans’ delight, Erin replied, writing “SOON!” and added two emojis to hint at the timing: a turkey and Christmas tree.

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