EXCLUSIVE: Lyndsay Lamb & Leslie Davis Talk Competing on ‘Rock the Block’

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis

HGTV Twins Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis star in HGTV's "Unsellable Houses.

Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis are battling to be crowned the winners of “Rock the Block.” The twins, who currently star in season 3 of the HGTV competition, spoke with Heavy about their experience.

The “Unsellable Houses” stars are facing off against three other teams: Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson of “Married to Real Estate;” Jenny and Dave Marrs of “Fixer to Fabulous” and Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas of “Bargain Block.”

Each team has $225,000 and six weeks to renovate identical homes in Charleston, South Carolina to earn the highest appraisal value.

Here is what they said:

On Their Competitors

For Lamb and Davis, “one of the most exciting parts” of competing on “Rock the Block” was getting to meet other HGTV stars.

“With the current climate, we haven’t gotten to meet very many HGTV stars,” Lamb admitted. She went on to say her fellow competitors were “just so much fun to be around and be able to work with.”

After the show, the twins admitted that they hear from Jenny Marrs and Keith Bynum “on a daily basis.”

Lamb also called host Ty Pennington “an absolute hoot and exactly who you think he was.”

On Starring in a Competition

Lamb and Davis called competing on “Rock the Block” a “totally different experience.”

“We’re naturally competitive people, but I think that this was like a whole nother level because we’re not competitive when it comes to design,” Davis told Heavy. “I mean, we feed off of each other. We look at other designers’ idea that helps motivate us. It helps keep us going, gives us creativity. So not being able to see what they were doing, not being able to collaborate or talk or really get influenced and that was definitely difficult for us.”

She added, “We figured that out, you know, pretty early on, like, ‘Ok, this might not be something we like or want to do regularly.’ It was very different difficult on a whole different level.”

On Catering to the Charleston Market

Lamb and Davis traded in the Pacific Northwest for the East Coast on “Rock the Block,” catering to the Charleston, South Carolina housing market. Making that transition made the twins “a little nervous.”

Davis admitted, the area “has a lot of coastal inspiration, but it also has a lot of, you know, eclectic and deep colors and tone to it, which we have out here in the Pacific Northwest as well.”

“So although we’ve worked really hard to bring, you know, a lot of the Charleston influence into our home, we also definitely have a lot of, you know, Pacific Northwest and a lot of things that are true to who we are there as well,” she added. “And so I think if we were somewhere like, you know, in, you know, Florida or maybe Texas or something like that that have very, you know, unique specific styles, it might have been a little more difficult for us. But I think Charleston was a great melting pot of styles.”

On Wearing the Same Outfit Everyday

The “Rock the Block” competitors wore the same outfits day in and day out.

As Lamb explained, “You had to choose your outfit before you got there and let the network know what you’d be wearing.”

So the pair went for comfort, with Lamb donning overalls and a button-up shirt, while Davis wore jeans and a t-shirt.

“I wanted to look like me, but I also knew, you know, I wasn’t going to be looking super cute all day. I wanted to be able to roll up my sleeves and work hard,” Lamb explained. She added, “We also were super smart to bring backup outfits whereas some of the other talent didn’t remember to bring like an extra shirt or another pair of shoes or whatever. We both had two pairs of shoes, three pairs of our pants and three of our shirts.”

She explained that they would do laundry after working 10 to 12 hours. “We drive home and be an hour drive to our Airbnb,” Lamb told Heavy. “Immediately threw all the clothes in the laundry. Wait for it to be done. Throw it in the dryer. Go to bed, get up. We have a clean set from the day before. I mean, it was like this routine, so we always had one on deck, one we were wearing and one packed in a bag in case we fell in the mud that day.”

The pair said it made it easier to have one less thing to worry about, equating their outfits to “uniforms.”

“It became a little like like, oh my gosh, like joke on set,” Lamb continued. “‘Hey, what are you wearing today?’ ‘Hey, your outfit looks good.’ Like we would all tease each other like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’ve got the best outfit today.’”

On Being the Only Sibling Duo

Lamb and Davis are the only sibling duo on this season of “Rock the Block,” facing off against three couples. The twins told Heavy that it gave them “a little bit of an upper hand” since they don’t have the same arguments spouses might have.

“So it allowed us to kind of keep it a little more light and fun,” Davis explained. “We didn’t get frustrated as easily as maybe some of the other ones did because, you know, we’re sisters, we’re not, you know, spouses. So there’s a lot less, you know, dynamic in that sense.”

She continued, “And we have been we always think we’ve been partners for 40 years. We’ve worked together for 40 years in one capacity or another. So we know each other, but we know how to push each other’s buttons if that’s what we want to do that day or we know how not to push each other’s buttons. So we’re a pretty good team and we know how to back off when it’s time to not, you know, not irritate one another.”

On Finally Seeing the Other Houses

“Rock the Block” prevents competitors from seeing each other’s homes before the finale. Though, they get hints during the judging.

“You hear like, ‘Okay, Keith and Evan, your shower looks like a castle.’ And then that would get your mind wandering like, what do you mean? It looks like a castle. Like, how is that even possible? So it’s definitely like you have these thoughts in your head of what it would look like or what you would see,” they explained.

The twins called walking through everyone’s homes “mind-blowing,” especially for Bynum and Thomas’ house.

“The creative just genius that those guys are just, you think you know what you’re going to see, but until you walk into their property, it’s just it’s mind-blowing,” the continued.

The neighboring house belonged to Jenny and Dave Marrs, with the sisters revealing he built “everything,” with some items not shown on television for time.

“He built everything, literally everything, all the vanities, cabinetry. I mean, the guy builds everything, and he built it in like 30 seconds,” they told Heavy. “That’s the thing. Like, we would be out in our driveway because we were neighbors with him and we would be working on something for, you know, three hours and we’d look over and he’s finished constructing an entire home.”

The added, “So it was pretty amazing walking through the homes and like taking your time to look and be like, ‘Wait, what is this? How did this come about? Where did this play in?’ So yeah, it’s pretty incredible.”

On Their Favorite & Most Challenging Rooms in Their Renovation

Lamb and Davis have renovated their “Rock the Block” property room-by-room. Though, as it turns out, they are most proud of their exterior.

“I would say our overall favorite space was the outdoor space,” Lamb said. “The side yard, backyard we put a lot of heart into. So that was definitely our favorite place.”

However, their most challenging space was their kitchen in the season premiere because “it was just all hitting us at once.”

“It was the very beginning,” the Lamb & Co. co-owner continued. “You didn’t really know what you were going into. So much is being thrown at you that first, you know, week and a half and you’re trying to, you know, pull out a design and, you know, pull out what is the overall aesthetic for this entire giant house that you’re seeing in person for the first time.”

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