How Many Votes Did Kanye West Get in the Presidential Election?


Kanye West was one of the third-party candidates running in the 2020 presidential election. He ran Independent and was only on a small number of states’ ballots. So far, he has been recorded as receiving more than 60,000 votes in the election.

Deadline reported that he was on 12 state ballots and as of 1:30 p.m. Eastern, he had 60,761 votes. This will be close to his final tally, as most of the states where he received votes were over 90% counted according to AP’s results.

Tennessee Delivered the Most Votes to West for President & California Delivered Him Vice Presidential Votes

Here are the votes so far as reported by Decision Desk as of 2 p.m. Eastern. You can also see an overall map of the election results before that, courtesy of Heavy’s partners at Decision Desk HQ below:

  • Arkansas: 4,037
  • California: 33,822 (he was on the VP ticket with Roque De La Fuente)
  • Colorado: 6,274
  • Idaho: 3,631
  • Iowa: 3,386
  • Kentucky: 6,259
  • Louisiana: 4,894
  • Minnesota: 8,269
  • Mississippi: 3,086
  • Oklahoma: 5,590
  • Tennessee: 10,256
  • Utah: 4,344
  • Vermont: 1,393

You can click on each state in the Decision Desk map below to see how many votes West is currently listed as having per state.

Of note is the large vote count from California. This is due to Kanye West being the Vice President on Roque De La Fuente’s ticket. So those are not presidential votes, but vice presidential votes. De La Fuente ran with the American Independent Party, and West seemed surprised to be on the ballot, Billboard reported. West wrote in a tweet in October: “I am campaigning to be the next president of our great country — not vice president… The political party in California that listed my name as its VP candidate has done so without my knowledge. Californians, I ask for your vote for president and urge you to write in ‘Kanye West.'”

Markham Robinson, chair of the AIP executive committee, told Billboard his name was on the ballot because he had high-profile connections and is popular.

De La Fuente told Billboard that he was against having West listed as his running mate and it was not his choice. He said: “They chose me as the top of the ticket and they looked within their structure and picked Mr. West as vice president.”

Aside from California’s VP selection, Tennessee delivered the most votes to West with more than 10,000, according to Decision Desk numbers.

West conceded the election on Wednesday.

He Hosted a Rally in July

West hosted his first and only campaign rally in July. The rally was only attended by a limited number of people who were able to register early. The rally was at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, South Carolina, Politico reported. People attending were told they would be required to wear masks and social distance. They also had to sign a liability release form for possible exposure to COVID-19. West himself did not wear a mask during the rally.

The crowd was made up of mostly young people, Post and Courier reported, and many people signed a petition to get West on the ballot while they waited in line.

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