Jellyfish on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 12/2/2020

The Masked Singer Jellyfish

FOX THE MASKED SINGER: Jellyfish in the “The Semi Finals - The Super Six” episode of THE MASKED SINGER.

The Masked Singer season 4 is down to its final 6 contestants, and one of those characters is the Jellyfish.

Here’s what we know about the Jellyfish so far, and who the viewers and panelists think is singing from behind the mask:

‘The Masked Singer’ Jellyfish Clues

A number of visual clues have popped out throughout the Jellyfish’s clue packages. Those clues include “The Little (ish) Jellyfish” (likely a nod to The Little Mermaid), a tiara, a flower crown, “Glowella” (a nod to Coachella music festival), an angelfish, a candle, bubbles, baby powder, a sunken ship called “USS Big Bird,” yoga mats, 7:20, cereal, a carriage, and a candlestick.

Jellyfish has said, “Once upon a time, I reigned supreme over an entire underwater kingdom.”

Before the season premiered, Jellyfish teased in her “sneak peek” clue, “I assure you that even though I may be cold-blooded, I have a warm and glowing flow with H20.”

She said her family sacrificed so she could be where she is today, especially her father “Papa J.” She’s referenced “gigs in faraway lands.”

The Jellyfish’s “magic lamp” clue was a stuffed tiger. She told the panelists “If you can earn your stripes and pounce on this clue,” and then purred.

During the Super 6’s opening number for episode 10, the Jellyfish’s new clue was “Up & Down.”

Before her episode 10 performance, the Jellyfish said in her video recap of the season so far, “Being the Jellyfish makes me feel free to let out a more daring side of myself.” She said that though she felt like a “jellyfish out of water” when she started in the competition, “Each week, I’ve grown more sure of myself.” Now, she says, “Not only can I hang with these singers, I can beat them.” She also referenced being at the “top of my game” for the super 6.

Her super clue was a statue of the Eiffel Tower.

Jellyfish said she’s connected to panelist Ken Jeong, adding, “Dr. Ken: I’ll be direct. We’ve never met, but I can’t say I didn’t try.”

Jellyfish on ‘The Masked Singer’ Guesses

The judges have praised the Jellyfish’s improved confidence in her performances throughout the season, and have made a number of guesses about her potential identity. Those guesses have included Gabby Douglass, Chloe Grace Moretz, Awkwafina, Sofia Richie, Lana Condor, Jamie Lynn Spears, or Hailey Bailey.

As for the fans, many think that the Jellyfish will turn out to be Gabby Douglas. Another popular guess, which we think is unlikely due to her demanding schedule, is that the Jellyfish might be Billie Eilish.

The Jellyfish delivered on her super 8 performance of “Stay” by Rihanna. Ken Jeong guessed Chloe Kim, Nicole Scherzinger guessed French singer Grimes, and Robin Thicke guessed Gabby Douglas who will compete in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

UPDATE & MAJOR SPOILER: At the end of the night, the Jellyfish was one of 3 contestants unmasked, and she was revealed as gold medalist Chloe Kim. The show was Kim’s first time performing in front of anyone, and she thanked the panelists for the “amazing” experience.

New episodes of The Masked Singer season 4 air on Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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