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Getty An MTV producer said that the "Jersey Shore" star "was not raised properly."

An MTV producer said that Jersey Shore star Angelina Pivarnick “brought some of the bullying” she experienced upon herself during an Ask Me Anything Reddit thread from seven months ago, as uncovered by The producer’s Reddit account has since been deleted, but the thread is still live on the forum. When asked who the worst person was to work with, the producer said Angelina gave them “PTSD.” 

The anonymous producer revealed they worked on Season 1 and 2 of the MTV series–before she was replaced by Deena Cortese for several seasons. One of the most popular responses came when a person asked if Angelina was bullied by the cast and if she was really as bad as they made her out to be.

“This is a tough one,” the anonymous producer started. “I do think she was bullied at times but she brought a lot of it upon herself. How? She would routinely alienate herself from the others when there were no issues. And it really came across as condescending. Many times, the roommates would reach out to her and try to give her helpful advice and she wouldn’t ever take it. In fact, she would do the opposite of it, to get a reaction and basically tell everyone to ‘f*** yourself.'”

Angelina Was Reportedly Rude To Production So She Didn’t Get A Great Edit

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The producer added that Angelina probably didn’t get “the best edit” because she was unkind to the team. “Not that there was a lot of good to show but most of her edit was negative and dramatic. And I can tell you why… she was rude to production and the crew,” the former MTV employee said. “For anyone who wants to be on reality television… always be kind to production. I can’t tell you how many shows will give a person a raw edit, only because they were a pain in the a** to work with. And how many people get protected because they are close to production.”

The producer added that even though Angelina was difficult, she made great television. “Production didn’t want her to leave because she was great for the show. And I do think she had some potential to eventually grow some genuine relationships within the house, if she actually tried,” the producer said. “But she didn’t care to. And though I feel like she brought a lot of the bullying on herself, near the tail end of her run, I felt like they needed to ease up on her.”

The Producer Said Deena Cortese Wasn’t A Comparable Replacement For Angelina

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In another answer, the producer revealed they didn’t think Deena was a good replacement for Angelina but said it was “complicated.”

“Deena is a sweetheart! But in a show full of characters, she was just kind of… there,” the producer said.

Ultimately they figured Deena would jive well with the crew because she met Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi while they were casting for Season 1. The producer claimed they weren’t longtime friends like they “portray.”

“We went through old audition tapes from season 1 and came across Deena, knew she had a semi-connection with Nicole, and went with it because we knew she’d be less maintenance than Angelina,” the producer said. “And at the time, we felt that someone who was the opposite of Angelina would be a good fit. She was a good fit with the roommates but in terms of reality television, not memorable.”

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