Why Keyshia Cole’s Sister Called Her ‘Stupid’

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Getty Keyshia Cole attends the Producers & Engineers Wing 13th annual GRAMMY week.

On January 21, 2021, Keyshia Cole and Ashanti finally came together for their long-awaited “Verzuz” battle on Instagram. During their friendly battle, Cole brought out a surprise guest while playing her 2005 hit song “Love.” Rapper OT Genasis joined the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star, which was surprising due to them being on bad terms last year. After OT Genasis did a spoof of the “Love” track and called it “Never Knew,” a Crip gang ode, Cole wasn’t pleased. After Cole made it clear that she wasn’t a fan of “Never Knew,” OT Genasis clowned her for not being a good sport and even made derogatory comments about Cole’s mother’s drug addiction. When he and Cole appeared together during “Verzuz,” they were friendly and clarified that they had buried the hatchet.

One person that wasn’t glad that all was forgiven Cole’s sister, Elite Noel, who explained her displeasure with the gesture in an Instagram video. She captioned the video, “It went left !!!! And it ain’t funny !!!!! I’m not backing down, who want it?” Here’s what she had to say:

Let me just tell y’all where it went left for me, ’cause you know I’m motherf****** Keyshia till the day I D I motherf****** E. But when you let a n**** hug you, that got on the internet joking about selling your mama motherf****** crack, that’s when I got to take a step back. B****, that’s a no-go for me. You can’t touch me, you can’t breathe on me, you can’t – I don’t give a f*** about what none of y’all got to say – Don’t touch me if you bragging about or laugh about selling my motherf****** mama, the b**** that birthed us – the reason y’all got Keyshia is cause Frankie didn’t give up. Let’s be clear about this motherf****** s***, Frankie got seven motherf****** children, okay. She ain’t got one. I think you stupid.”

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Keyshia Cole Said She Wanted Her Classics to be Left Alone

How Does Keyshia Cole Really Feel About OT Genesis' "Love" Remake – One On One With Keyshia ColeKeyshia Cole weighs in on OT Genesis' "Love" remake. FOX SOUL is a new live and interactive streaming channel dedicated to the African American viewer. The programs aim to celebrate black culture and deal with real topics that impact the everyday lives of the black community through frank and insightful dialogue with local and national…2019-12-19T23:48:19Z

Keyshia Cole explained why she wasn’t fan of OT Genasis’ cover of “Love” on her Fox Soul show, One on One With Keyshia Cole.

My only concern—this is a genuine concern is that, you know, I am trying to get my music where it used to be. I’m trying to find that passion for the music that I used to have so long ago when I was trying to get out of Oakland,” she said. “So I would like my classics to be left alone. Is that wrong as an artist to say?

I love everybody that sings my songs. I done had Cardi sing my songs, Bruno Mars, Trey Songz singing it in the club. But they keep my lyrics the same, you understand what I’m saying? How I’m going to get paid if you making new lyrics and you ain’t sent me out a check or anything like that?

How I’m going to get paid, you know what I’m sayin’, if you making new lyrics and you ain’t sent me out a check or anything like that?” she continued. “And then people hitting me up saying, ‘I would never listen to Keyshia Cole’s song the same.’

I think it’s just kind of hurtful as an artist. There was no, ‘Hey how you doing? What’s up? How you feel about this?’ Because that’s what artists do if I want to remix a Prince song, Ima go to Prince and figure out if I can use that.

Cole even left social media for a while following the constant discussion regarding the cover.

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