Devin Walker Stopped His ‘Challenge’ Co-Star From Quitting Season 37

Devin Walker Spies Lies and Allies

MTV Devin Walker on 'Spies Lies and Allies'

On “The Challenge: Double Agents,” one of the big storylines was the rivalry between Devin Walker and Josh Martinez, which culminated in one humorous fight in which Devin repeatedly yelled at Josh, “What’s 8 times 9?” and “Big Brother sucks!” while Josh became progressively more worked up and angry.

However, during the reunion show for the 36th season, viewers learned that the two made strides toward mending their issues and building a friendship because they were both eliminated from the season at the same time and shared an apartment in Iceland before returning home together.

Both are now competing on “Spies, Lies and Allies” and viewers have seen their newfound friendship represented on the screen and recently, Josh revealed that Devin actually stopped him from quitting the season and the two have grown even closer.

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Josh Said Devin Helped Him on a ‘Human Level’ When He Was Having a Panic Attack & Wanted to Quit

In a recent Instagram Live (saved on Reddit), Josh revealed the extent of their friendship and said he loves Devin. “I wanna give a big shout out to Devin, I f****** love Devin,” he said. “I’m so happy you guys are seeing this friendship.”

He explained that he admires his castmates for dealing with the pressure of the fans and being on the show but beyond that, Devin “helped me a lot this season.” He then went on to explain that Devin and Tori Deal prevented him from quitting the 37th season.” Guys if it wasn’t for Devin and Tori, I probably shouldn’t be saying this, I probably would have quit the show,” he revealed.

I had one of the worst panic attacks at the beginning of the season. We quarantined for like 15, 20 plus days and I was over it at that point and Devin and Tori talked me off the ledge.

I literally told myself the next day, I will do whatever I have to do to protect Devin in this game and make sure that he gets to the end.

Josh said while viewers don’t get to see that moment, it helped deepen the friendship that had started in the offseason. “When he did that for me, that showed me, that was like past the game that was on a human level, him and Tori went out of their way and looked out for me.” He said he often deals with bad anxiety but that moment was “the worst anxiety attack that I’ve ever had in my life.”

Devin Said the 2 Realized After Their ‘Double Agents’ Elimination That They ‘Played Themselves’

On “Double Agents,” Josh and Devin were eliminated at the same time thanks to a double elimination where Josh lost to CT Tamburello and Devin lost to Darrell Taylor. Afterward, Devin told Entertainment Weekly, “we both realized as soon as we got eliminated was that we had played ourselves.”

He said they realized that the house had benefitted from the two fighting each other and afterward, they were both in the same hotel room and asked themselves, “How were we so blind?” He said the two could have run the show if they’d teamed up but that they learned their lesson.

“The Devin-and-Josh feud is tabled for now on my end,” he revealed at the time. “But you never know. You get a couple beers in me, you give me a little power, maybe some immunity, anything’s possible.”

“The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies” airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times on MTV.

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