Devin Slammed by Challenge Stars After Calling Out ‘Worst Challengers’

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MTV The Challenge's Devin Walker

After the latest episode ofThe Challenge: Double Agents aired on Wednesday, December 23, a social media dispute erupted between two Challenge stars as Devin Walker-Molaghan called out who he thought, in his opinion, were the three worst competitors in the history of the show.

On a live Instagram recap after the episode with fellow Double Agents competitor Wes Bergmann, Devin named Natalie Negrotti, Jozea Flores and Joseph Allen as the three people he thought were the worst competitors.

Devin asked Wes to name the three people he thought were the worst Challengers of all time. Wes acknowledged that in the earlier days of the show, many of the contestants weren’t as physical as in the more recent seasons of the show, but he did not name three contestants.

Devin then said, “Number three: Natalie from Big Brother. Not sure what her last name is but she was horrible. Number two: Joseph from this season.” Wes laughed and said, “Ok, I disagree with both of those.” Devin then said, “Number one: Jozea. Worst Challenger ever.” The clips have been saved by ChallengeTea911 and are available here.

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Natalie & Jozea Both Called Out Devin on Social Media After He Called Them the ‘Worst Challengers’

Natalie was quick to respond to Devin and slammed the star on social media, citing her record and daily wins. In an Instagram story, she said, “Devin, I won more daily challenges than you. And I like to shower, so what is your obsession with me, I haven’t even filmed a Challenge in two years. Literally, I have better endurance than you.” She also said:

Climbing the Rock of Gibraltar. Did I come in fourth place? Out of what, 30+ people? Devin, what place did you come in to honey? What place? You can barely even climb the Rock of Gibraltar, honey, barely. You are laughable. I’ve done, what, three Challenges and I have won more daily challenges than you have in your whole entire career… Don’t come at me the night of Christmas Eve you f****** loser.

Natalie also posted on Twitter:

Jozea also took offense to Devin’s comments and clapped back on social media. In an angry tirade on his Instagram story, Jozea said in part, “I been a star before The Challenge, you only are known from The Challenge. Let’s get that correct. You are only known from The Challenge, smelly.”

He said, “I’ve been in the winner’s circle. I don’t need a Challenge check, b****, I make f****** $35,000 in a day on OnlyFans, b****, are you stupid? Don’t you ever disrespect me like that on any platform,” he said in the expletive-filled response. He also posted a series of tweets, including the ones below:

Natalie Appeared on 3 ‘Challenge’ Seasons & Jozea Appeared on 1 Season, While Devin Is Now on His 5th

Natalie, a Big Brother 18 alum, appeared on three seasons of The Challenge: Vendettas, Final Reckoning and War of the Worlds, the first two of which Devin also participated in. On her rookie season, she made it to the 12th episode but was eliminated by Kam Williams. She returned for Final Reckoning, where she was paired with Paulie Calafiore and they made it to the final but ultimately placed third.

On War of the Worlds, she was eliminated in the fourth episode. Natalie has a record of eight daily challenge wins and two elimination wins out of seven.

Jozea appeared on The Challenge: Final Reckoning after also competing on Big Brother 18, and he was paired with Da’Vonne Rogers. The team was sent to the Redemption House twice and returned both times before the third time when they were sent back to Redemption and eliminated in episode 15. Jozea holds no daily challenge wins and two elimination wins out of four.

Double Agents is Devin’s fifth season of The Challenge after he made his reality TV debut on Are You the One? 3. He made it to the final on his rookie season, Rivals III, and has a record of two daily wins and four elimination wins out of five, including elimination wins over Wes and Challenge legend Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio.

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