Fessy Shafaat Explains ‘Double Agents’ Fight With CT Tamburello

Fessy Shafaat CT Tamburello

MTV Fessy Shafaat and CT Tamburello

Fessy Shafaat recently appeared on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast and provided more information about his fight with Chris “CT” Tamburello in the club scene during the last episode of The Challenge: Double Agents. He told hosts Tori Deal and Aneesa Ferreira that his goal in appearing on The Challenge is to compete at the highest level and beat the best.

Fessy and CT have gone head-to-head just once before, in their wrestling match on top of the moving truck in one of the daily challenges that ended in a draw. Since then, fans have been clamoring to see the two face off as Fessy has made some bold claims about being able to beat anyone in a physical elimination.

During the 15th episode of the show, CT lost his temper with Fessy in the club scene, while the two were dressed up for an 80s-themed party. Fessy opened up about the dispute during an appearance on MTV’s Official Challenge Podcast after the episode aired.

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Fessy Gave More Context to His Dispute With CT Last Episode

Fessy said he wasn’t insulting CT in the club scene but was simply telling him he was impressed with his Challenge wins and was hoping to get his own one day. He said, “I’m here to compete, I think a lot of people take it as me trying to shine this big light on I’m better than everybody else and I just want a platform to compete.”

He said it was difficult being told he wasn’t at a high enough level in football and now he’s on The Challenge and he’s being told CT is the best. He said, “Alright let me see if I can beat CT. How can I prove that I’m better than this dude.” He said he has an “itch” for competition and to “prove himself.”

Tori asked Fessy who he thought would win in a Hall Brawl between him and CT and he said, “Let’s just see what happens next season if we’re both on and there’s a hall brawl, let’s make it happen.” He said he’s tired of people talking and speculation and he’s willing to be put into a physical elimination against anyone the house thinks can beat him. “That’s what I’m there to do, I’m here to prove it.”

Fessy Previously Said He Doesn’t Think Anyone Can Beat Him in Physical Elimination

During an interview earlier this season, Fessy said he was happy for the opportunity to showcase his skills. The Big Brother alum said he believes he’s the best in physical eliminations in the history of The Challenge and no one can beat him. In an Instagram Live, Fessy said:

I’m really good at that s***. Like, those challenges, those eliminations, I don’t think people can beat me in a one-on-one, man-on-man physical elimination. Nobody in the history of The Challenge can beat me in a physical elimination.

During that Live he also spoke about CT specifically and said he’d seen footage of CT and knows what he can do. He said his goal wasn’t to compare himself to CT but he just wants the opportunity to show his skills and what he can bring to The Challenge.

The Challenge: Double Agents airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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