Mike The Miz Mizanin Suffered Major Recent Injury

Mike The Miz Mizanin

Getty Mike "The Miz" Mizanin on July 17, 2013 in New York City.

On September 20, 15 new celebrities will be battling out on the dancefloor with their professional partners in the 30th season of “Dancing With the Stars,” hosted by Tyra Banks. One of these stars is no stranger to battles as he’s faced off against many opponents in his 15-year (and counting) WWE career, but this one will be very different.

I’m learning the Paso Doble, Argentine Tango, Waltz, and FoxTrot are very different moves than a Skull Crushing Finale or Figure Four Leg Lock,” Mike The Miz Mizanin wrote on Instagram. “Honored and excited to be apart of the Season 30 cast of @dancingabc now let’s get to work.”

The former reality star, who got his entertainment debut on MTV’s “The Real World: Back to New York” in 2001 and “The Challenge,” will likely do well on the dancing show due to his athletic capabilities as a wrestler but not too long before he was cast on “Dancing With the Stars,” The Miz suffered a major injury.

The Miz Injured His Knee But Never Specifically Disclosed What Ligaments He Injured

The Miz picked up a major injury at WrestleMania Backlash in May 2021 and reports after the event stated that he’d torn his ACL, an injury which can typically sideline athletes for around nine months. However, in June 2021, he told Sports Illustrated:

I love reading reports about my injury. It’s amazing. It’s all usually wrong. I was reading stuff about me like, ‘What? Where are they finding this information?’ I hadn’t even released anything that I was even injured. As far as I’m concerned, everyone keeps asking me how I’m feeling, and I feel like a million bucks—and I’m going to be on WWE TV every week like I always am.

While he confirmed that he did get injured, he didn’t provide specific details but confirmed that he would be out for “a bit of time” although he would continue to appear at events. “I’ve seen that I’ll be out nine months. I don’t plan on being out nine months. I was on TV last Monday, and I’m going to be on TV every week.”

He continued, “I had a match, and did I get injured? Yes, the answer is yes, I did get injured. How long will I be out? To be completely honest, I don’t even know that. I’m just working on physical therapy, getting everything back to 100% so I can give the audience exactly what they want.”

He also posted on Instagram on May 30, “1 day until The Most Must See Superstar is back on @wwe #Raw….wait, what? Did I read that correct? Thought that dude was injured and out for like 9 months? How’s he back already…. Did you forget I’m The Miz?” It turned out that The Miz continued his WWE appearances but as a commentator in a suit and often appearing in a wheelchair.

The Miz Attended Several WWE Events in a Wheelchair But Eventually Got Out of the Chair & Ran at an Event in August

For the next few months, The Miz made his WWE appearances in a wheelchair where he continued to get involved with the wrestlers in various storylines. On July 12, he competed in the MLB All Star Celebrity Softball game but he was seen wearing a brace on his injured knee. He wrote in part, “Knee brace [check], Couldn’t play SOFTBALL because of injured knee [check, check, check].”

After that appearance, he was back at WWE events in a wheelchair until early August. On August 11, he shared a clip of himself in an altercation before getting out of the wheelchair and sprinting through the venue, indicating that he had recovered from the injury. Here is that clip:

The Miz returned to wrestling in mid-August, Post Wrestling reported, where his partnership with John Morrison imploded and he ended up ambushing his former partner after his match. However, the two haven’t gotten the chance to settle things in the ring since soon after this ambush, The Miz was announced as a celeb on “Dancing With the Stars.”

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