The Challenge: USA Stars Spill on ‘Scary’ Vibe in the House After Episode 5

A security guard in the U.S.

Getty A security guard in the U.S.

The 5th episode of “The Challenge: USA” was a fiery one as the challenge winners, Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot, fired a big shot by throwing into elimination “Survivor” winner Sarah Lacina and her partner that week, Leo Temory.

After Tyson and Cashay won the challenge, Tyson shared that he had difficulty trusting his fellow “Survivor: Winners at War” stars Ben Driebergen and Sarah, who are close allies. Cashay made it clear that she didn’t want to target Ben because he was paired up at the time with her “Love Island” ally Justine Ndiba. She also said she wanted to take a shot at Leo and send him home so she could avoid getting paired up with him in the future.

Unfortunately for Tyson and Cash, Sarah and Leo won the elimination and the episode ended with Sarah trash-talking and giving Tyson the cutthroat sign. Recently, a couple of “Challenge” stars revealed that things got so awkward and tense in the compound after that elimination that a security guard slept in the house with the cast.

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Derek Xiao & Shannon St. Clair Said There Was So Much Tension in the House After the Elimination

The eliminated contestants from the following episode, Shannon St. Clair and Derek Xiao, revealed in an exit interview with Rob Has a Podcast that the fallout from the elimination was intense. “You could cut the tension with a knife,” Shannon spilled. “I mean, when I tell you, it was half the Challengers on one side of the house, literally, and the other half in a different room. We didn’t even see each other. I personally, I didn’t know where to go.” She added:

I didn’t want Sarah to hate me. I was closer to Tyson, but I didn’t want to get on Sarah’s bad side, and I was kind of that wildcard… So I stayed out of it completely.

Derek also chimed in on the situation in the house after that heated elimination win. “Getting back from Sarah’s elimination, like the vibe was scary,” he spilled. “We had a literal personal security guard- not one of us, like an actual security guard sleeping with us that night for 24-7 watch, inside the compound.” Derek was asked why that measure was taken and while the “Big Brother” alum said he didn’t want to “say any names,” he explained that some cast members were “scared” because of the vibe.

“Ben was pacing back and forth,” Shannon added. “I thought if I talked to him, he was gonna throw a punch,” she joked. “I love Ben. I think he’s the best person ever. I just think tensions were running high, and they wanted a precaution.”

Shannon & Derek Were Eliminated After the Next Challenge

Shannon and Derek didn’t last much longer after that fateful night as they were paired up by the algorithm and struggled in the following challenge. Although they didn’t come in last, Shannon revealed to her co-stars that she’d pulled her hamstring in the challenge and that made her an easy target to throw into elimination for winners Desi Williams and David Alexander.

Shannon and Derek faced the challenge’s losers, Justine Ndiba and Enzo Palumbo, in a race to move tires across the arena and stack them. Shannon’s sore hamstring and height made it difficult to get tires off their poles but while it was a close finish, Justine and Enzo’s tire pile was more stable and they came out with the win.

“The Challenge: USA” airs on on CBS on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific times.

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