Bethenny Frankel Tells Fans to ‘Cancel’ Her in Instagram

Bethenny Frankel

Getty Bethenny Frankel talks censorship on social media.

Former “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel stands up to censorship in a new video.

On August 24, 2022, Frankel took to Instagram to share an update on her ongoing issues with her new celebrity brand reviews.

Here’s what you need to know:

Bethenny Frankel Stands up to Censorship: ‘I Don’t Want to Be a Follower. I Want to Be Me, Who Has an Opinion & Is Honest and Is Straightforward’

Earlier in the week, Frankel told her followers she felt she was being “shadow banned” for sharing unfavorable reviews about Kardashian-owned products.

“Since I seem to have been ‘shadowbanned’ on Tik Tok, since posting about celeb brands, & get only 10 percent of normal views on this reel, hmmmm (my smart followers pointed this out) it seemed like this should be posted here…. Coincidence maybe? Or is censorship real?” she wrote in the caption of an August 19 post.

Now, she’s doubling down and facing things head-on.

“Proud of myself for speaking my mind when it’s not that easy to do so,” Frankel said in her recent video. “When it can be scary and you’re alone. When everyone around you tells you don’t say anything, you don’t want to mess with these people. Don’t screw around, you’ve too much to lose. You know what? I don’t want to be a follower. I want to be me, who has an opinion and is honest and is straightforward and cancel me if that’s not going to work. But I’m not going to be afraid.”

Heavy reached out to the Kardashian family rep for comment but received no response.

Fans Supported Bethenny Speaking Up: ‘We Need More Brave & Outspoken Woman Like You in This World’

Many fans and even some celebrities stepped up to support Frankel in the comments.

“PREACH,” RHOM star Guerdy Abraira wrote.

Actress Jennie Garth commented with a flame emoji.

“I have always been a huge fan of you and now even more! 1000% to all this!!!!” someone wrote.

A fan commented, “you have been and will continue to be the only “real” housewife. The rest made up their narratives.”

“Do it!!! I am so ready for them to be gone for a while,” a fan wrote about the Kardashians.

“Woohoo!!! Amen!!! Bethenny, you are amazing, real and true. That’s why you are loved and respected!!!!,” someone wrote.

A fan commented saying, “Always use your voice. I so agree.”

“I love how strong you are and doesn’t let people bully you!” someone wrote.

“You are tough & big time Scorpio we don’t hold anything back I always speak up no matter what,” a fan pointed out.

“This is the exact quality that I respect you for!” someone said. “You have definitely encouraged me to speak my mind and be honest over the years. We need more brave and outspoken woman like you in this world.”

“it’s not easy to be truthful and speak your mind, but I have begun to do so more and more and gosh it is utterly liberating,” a fan wrote.

“I agree more ppl should cancel them I had about enough watching them flood the internet with nothingness,” someone wrote.

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