Fans Criticize Dorit Kemsley & Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Comments About Sutton Stracke

Crystal Kung Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Dorit Kemsley

Getty Crystal Kung Minkoff, Sutton Stracke, Dorit Kemsley.

During “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 12, episode 16, Sutton Stracke suggested she would have appreciated it if her co-stars came to her defense when Erika Jayne deemed her to be “a b***** f******* c***” while filming the show’s season 11 reunion. Diana Jenkins replied, “but you are one,” which elicited a laugh from Jayne. Jenkins then noted she does not enjoy Stracke’s company and asserted that her behavior was “slithery.” She also shared that she believed the Georgia native’s comments to her at Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday party were “unforgivable.” 

During an August 2022 episode of the “RHOBH After Show,” the RHOBH cast discussed the scene. For instance, Crystal Kung Minkoff revealed that she feels Stracke is not as mild-mannered as she appears. 

“I’ve never hidden the fact that I think she jabs people and claims it’s like she’s being cheeky. She’s very good at sort of being able to play like this Southern Belle thing but it’s actually quite snarky and mean, and I see that in her,” stated the 39-year-old. 

Dorit Kemsley shared similar comments about Stracke and noted that she had an intense conversation with Jenkins during their trip to Mexico. 

“Sutton did that to Diana in Mexico, it’s not like Sutton hasn’t really used force and spoken to people with a lot of aggression. And I think it was a moment, like I said, that was a little lost, where at that point, Sutton could have engaged, said something, whatever it is, but she broke down and she garnered a lot of sympathy. I think it really made Diana look like she was the aggressor and I genuinely feel like what was behind Diana’s raw emotions was let’s be honest, let’s have it out and then maybe, we can move on,” said Kemsley. 

Reddit User Shared Their Thoughts About the Matter 

Erika Jayne Crystal Kung Minkoff

BravoErika Jayne and Crystal Kung Minkoff.

A Reddit user shared the “RHOBH After Show” clip on the Bravo Real Housewives subreddit

“RHOBH After Show: Dorit and Crystal are defending Diana’s behavior towards Sutton and they understand why Diana called her the C-word and blames Sutton for it,” read the caption of the post. 

Several commenters shared their thoughts about Kemsley and Minkoff. 

“Listen, no one should be forced to like someone. If you like someone and consider them to be a friend, cool. If not, oh well move on and be civil. But I would like to think that even if I were not friends with someone, I would be able to call out a b****** gang-up against someone. What we saw at the end of that episode on Wed was complete b****** and for these people to basically be like ‘she had it coming’, what? These women are a*******, this is not fun and this show needs a time-out,” wrote a commenter

“Diana’s intention was NOT about being honest so they can move on. She spoke as if Sutton wasn’t in the room. Dorit saying Diana ‘looked’ like the aggressor and the preview of Kyle [Richards] telling Erika ‘don’t say that, I can’t defend that’ proves that they don’t care about right or wrong, they’ll defend each other no matter what. They’re dying for Sutton and/or Garcelle [Beauvais] to do or say something wrong,” added a different person

“I’m constantly back and fourth with Crystal. She’s starting to seem like a secret mean girl. God these women(not Sutton nor Garcelle) are sooooo awful. I can’t believe how conniving they all are. It really grosses me out,” shared a commenter.

“Dorit almost had me thinking something was cut from Diana’s monologue. Where the h*** did she get the impression that they’ve only tiptoed around their feelings til now and Diana wanted to finally have it out? They’ve been having it out all season, and in Aspen, Diana just wanted to berate her to excuse her ‘joke’ when only Erika laughed at it,” asserted a Reddit user

“Dorit is so full of s***. If someone called her a c*** she would have a sign made and carry it with her everywhere,” commented a Bravo fan.

“I’ve always thought Crystal was sneaky; she will do and say things and have a smirk on her face that show she knows exactly what she’s doing. Slithery as Diana said is actually what describes Crystal. It’s a shame because I do actually like her when she’s with her husband and family and when I see moments of her being genuine. As for Dorit…idk how she stands up straight when her backbone is made of butter. I’m flabbergasted that Dorit tried to compare Sutton’s past behavior to Diana’s; Sutton has NEVER gone after someone in such a personal or aggressive manner,” said an RHOBH viewer

Social Media Users Shared They Disapproved of Dorit Kemsley & Crystal Kung Minkoff’s Comments

Getty ImagesDorit Kemsley.

A different social media user shared their thoughts about the matter in a separate Reddit thread. 

“I did not think RHOBH could p*** me off more than it did last night but I am not even 3 minutes into the after show (which I never watch) and now officially don’t like Dorit or Crystal either! Everyone is bad mouthing Sutton instead of Diana 😡😡😡,” stated the commenter. 

Quite a few Reddit users flocked to the post’s comments section. 

“Genuinely think this was filmed months ago when they all thought Diana would be the queen. If you were to ask them all the same questions now, they would have a different answer. Dorit only wants to stay on the side that’s going to keep her getting paid and she’s picked the wrong side this season. Expect her to not be like this at the reunion,” wrote a commenter

“The fact that Dorit piled on didn’t shock me but I was disappointed. But holy s*** Crystal was a shock and disappointment. To go in so f***** hard and not give any credence to the fact that bringing up the miscarriages was uncalled for… I’m so f****** upset that no one will call out the insanity of Diana weaponizing that,” chimed in another.

Crystal Kung Minkoff Spoke About Her Friendship With Sutton Stracke

Sutton Stracke

Getty ImagesSutton Stracke.

Minkoff discussed her friendship with Stracke during a May 2022 interview with In The Know. She suggested they have moved on from their past conflicts.

“You can’t just after weeks of arguing resolve it, but we both made that commitment to chill and like we did and we were able to even off camera get to know each other better,” said Minkoff.

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