Heather Dubrow Threatens Shannon Beador in Heated Feud

Heather & Shannon

Getty Shannon Beador & Heather Dubrow

They’re just hands.

During the December 22, 2021, episode of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow got into a heated argument that resulted in Dubrow threatening Beador.

On the latest episode, the two sat down at Emily Simpson’s party to discuss the aftermath of Beador bringing up an old lawsuit against Dubrow’s husband during the Dubrow’s sushi party, that was filed by new cast member Nicole James nearly 20 years ago. Dubrow felt hurt by Beador and the fact that Beaador would even speak about the lawsuit on the show, and Dubrow did not hold back when making her thoughts known.

“If you ever come after me or my family ever again, you’re going to lose a lot more than just my friendship,” Dubrow said to Beador during the episode. “This will cost a lot. And I’m not saying this as a threat, I’m saying it as a promise.”

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Dubrow Claimed That Beador Took Too Long to Text Her After the Debacle

During a December 23 interview with Insider, Dubrow claimed that it took Beador “almost a week” to text her after the debacle at the sushi party. The dinner was cut short before most of the food could even be served after a massive fight erupted over the lawsuit involving Terry Dubrow.

“What I remember is: It took Shannon almost a week to reach out to me, maybe over a week,” Dubrow told the outlet. The “Real Housewives of Orange County” star also added that it was “not okay” with her that she didn’t hear from Beador sooner.

Beador Has Insisted That She Wasn’t Trying to Hurt Anyone

Even though Dubrow might not believe that Beador had good intentions by bringing the lawsuit to her attention, Beador has insisted that she didn’t mean to do anything to hurt Dubrow or her family. In fact, she has even admitted that it was a “huge mistake” to ever bring it up.

“I stupidly told a couple castmates, [Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson] after un poco tequila [at an off-camera dinner], because it was bothering me,” Beador explained during a December 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight. “At that point I didn’t know for certain if it was the same girl, so… I shouldn’t have done it. I take responsibility, I shouldn’t have said anything to Emily and Gina because it was never my intent for this to become a story or be shown on camera.”

Beador continued, telling the outlet, “When you film with someone and you bring up something like that, and there’s a camera rolling, that makes it public information and I wasn’t gonna do that to her, to Terry, or to anyone. No, I didn’t want that to come out. I would never want to hurt somebody to make information like that public. And if [the viewers] don’t believe me, then there’s nothing I can do about it.”

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Lisa English
Lisa English
3 months ago

She’s just MEAN. Heather Dubrow has apparently gotten to the point in her “filthy-rich” life that she is now officially ENTITLED. She can try to cover her threats under the guise of “protecting her family” all she tries, but it is obvious that she’s just a bully that thrills on threatening others. Sit & smile with your krinkly eyes all you want, we see it. You’re a BULLY. OMG and the BIG MOUTH Emily who butts in at every opportunity, spouting her “I’m a LAWYER” so people can remember she has a brain. Got a degree and don’t use it much? Team the two of those jerks up with GINA, who is now trying to come-up in this world. It’s funny to watch her go under the wing of Heather and see how her snotty little attitude has grown now that she has a buck to buy an actual nice article of clothing. The girl has zero style or taste. Put the three of them together and you get a literal “triple-threat” of bullies that attack Shannon at every opportunity. So the real question should be why isn’t Heather pissed at Nicole James for NOT TELLING HER directly or reminding Heather about the freaking lawsuit years ago?? It’s because the three of them have to have someone to pick on. Shannon’s their easy target. I don’t think anyone will forget that UGLY FACE with that UGLY THREAT to Shannon. Just MEAN, UGLY and a complete BULLY. If she can’t hear this from all the people who are saying this same thing, she’s completely delusional.

Paula Russell Knight Wornell
Paula Russell Knight Wornell
7 months ago

I lost all respect for Heather Dubrow after the discussion with Shannon Beador. Shannon apologized and Heather didn’t even listen. She just sat there waiting to THREATEN Shannon. The real culprits of this situations are Gina and Emily!!! Unfortunately for Shannon she trusted those two not to say anything and the first chance they proved untrustworthy! Shannon NEEDS to cut ALL 3 of those TOXIE people out of her life and add quality people in her circle.

Alan Rubin
Alan Rubin
7 months ago

I still think Heather went way too far with her threat against Shannon. I am no real fan of Shannon, but I have lost a great deal of respect for Heather. Since Heather was already married to Terry before the lawsuit, how come he never mentioned the lawsuit to Heather? And why would Heather be BFF’s with Nicole James? That I will never understand. If I were one of the other ladies of the group, I would want to stay clear of Heather.

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