Heather Gay Called Out for Reaction to Jen Shah & Lisa Barlow’s Body Shaming

Heather Gay Lisa Barlow

Bravo Heather Gay and Lisa Barlow.

Heather Gay is being called out for her double standard when it comes to her co-stars.

On the first part of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” reunion, the Beauty Lab + Laser founder called out Lisa Barlow for supposedly saying she looked like a “Lego figurine.” Barlow denied ever calling Gay the name and explained that she was sent a picture of a Lego blow-up by Gay’s friend, Angie, who captioned it to say the Lego figure “looks like Heather.”

But Gay insisted to Barlow, “We saw the text, that’s how we know what you said.”

After host Andy Cohen asked if being called a Lego was “bad,” Gay replied, “She just means because my body is too square.”

“It’s body shaming body and fat shaming!” Whitney Rose fired back.

“I did not body shame or fat shame you,” Barlow said to Gay. “I think you look great, Heather.”

Elsewhere during the sitdown, it was recalled that Gay’s RHOSLC bestie, Jen Shah, once called her “Shrek” and compared her to child pageant queen turned reality star Honey Boo Boo. But Gay’s reaction to those comments was very different.

“Do you think I look like Honey Boo Boo?” she playfully asked Shah during the reunion.

“No,” Shah replied. “And I only called you Shrek because you were acting like an ogre to me at that time!”

Fans Were Confused By Heather Gay’s Reaction to Her Co-Stars Comments

NBCUMVHeather Gay and Jen Shah

On social media, RHOSLC fans were confused by Gay’s differing reactions to her co-stars. Many felt she was unfairly targeting Barlow for a comment that the Vida Tequila founder claims she didn’t even make.

“So it’s okay if Jen calls Heather Shrek but Lisa’s a villain for calling her a Lego figure?” one “Real Housewives” fan tweeted.

“She really is all over Lisa…but is like ‘dont worry about it girl’ to Jen who tweeted calling Heather Shrek. Please someone make it make sense,” another wrote.

“Her loyalty to Jen is beyond weird,” another agreed.

“Can’t make sense out of nonsense. But her sidekick will co-sign it,” came another comment.

“It’s a double standard,” another wrote.

Another fan wanted to know how being called “Shrek” is not considered body shaming.

“It’s all body shaming,” wrote an Instagram user. “Lisa and Jen have both been really cruel to Heather. But, it is definitely easier to forgive someone with whom you have an actual friendship than it is to forgive someone with whom you’ve never gotten along.”

“I would never, ever, EVER be able to rebuild a friendship with someone that called me Shrek,” wrote a Reddit user.

“Lisa’s being accused of bodyshaming her, yet she’s friends with Jen and defends Mary. I don’t like reunion Heather,” another wrote.

Heather Gay Previously Confronted Jen Shah For Calling Her Names

While all seemed good between Gay and Shah at the RHOSLC reunion, the initial comments did cause a stir between the two friends. In an earlier “Rea; Housewives of Salt Lake City” episode, Gay confronted Shah for her cruel comments.

According to Page Six, in a September 2021 episode of the Bravo reality show, Gay called out Shah for her mean girl activity on Twitter.

“Comparing me to sea mammals, Honey Boo Boo, [calling me a] manipulator, liar, racist?” Gay asked Shah. “Here’s screenshots with your name on it. Jen Shah with a blue verified check. That means Jen Shah typed these words about me: ‘Hey, Honey Boo Boo.’”

Shah denied that she wrote the tweets, then later admitted, “I took it down in five minutes, Heather,” according to The List.

During a November 2021 guest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Gay also defended Shah’s Shrek comment.

“Yeah, Shrek is the ultimate anti-hero, so who gives a s***,” she said, adding that she has said things to Shah that are “equally as bad.”

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