Jackie Goldschneider & Her Husband’s Cheating Scandal

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The newest season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off with a bang on Wednesday, February 17 on Bravo. The first episode has not even hit Bravo, and rumors have already been circulating of feuds, drama, and cheating rumors. The RHONJ season will focus on one cheating rumor in particular.

RHONJ cast members Teresa Giudice and Jackie Goldschneider are rumored to have feuded this season over cheating allegations against her husband, Evan Goldschneider. “Jackie was initially upset because Teresa said [her husband] Evan [Goldschneider] was cheating on Jackie,” a source told HollywoodLife in October.

The RHONJ ladies all tease cheating rumors during the season 11 trailer. “Like, why do I hear rumors, like when he goes to the gym he screws around,” Giudice tells fellow cast member Margaret Josephs. “Everyone’s marriage can look absolutely perfect on the outside, but guess what, things aren’t always what they seem, anyone can be a cheater, nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors,” various women chime in on the trailer.

The source added, “Then, they got together to resolve that, but then, Jackie put gasoline on the fire by digging into Teresa and Teresa’s fiery personality took over and things between them got worse…. They both said some things that they shouldn’t have, both of which were personal digs involving their families.”

Because of these rumors, Goldschneider did not attend the cast trip in August, per HollywoodLife. The former attorney also was rumored to have taken a break from filming. “Jackie refused to film because she was so upset that the women would all side with Teresa over everything,” the source told HollywoodLife. “She was over the drama of people always siding with Teresa no matter what and not having their own voice or opinion. Even Margaret [Josephs], who has always had [Jackie’s] back, strayed a bit and that upset Jackie, so she distanced herself and needed a break from filming.”

RHONJ Season 11 Addresses the Feud

In a preview for the upcoming RHONJ season, Giudice and Goldschneider confront each other over the rumors. Various Bravo fan accounts show the first episode’s first minute where Josephs sits the two of them down to, “work this out.”

The preview shows the two women sitting down, and Giudice telling Goldschneider, “I don’t really care,” and, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Tensions escalate and Goldschneider demands that Giudice, “admit this was a lie.” The feud does not appear to get resolved, with Giudice leaving in a screaming and cursing match, yelling at Goldschneider over and over again, “f*** you.” She adds, “She brought up my daughter, she’s disgusting.”

While the feud seems overwhelming and impossible to recover from, a source told HollywoodLife that it, “took two conversations” to fully squash, but “Teresa and Jackie made up recently.”

The source added, “They both wronged each other. They both apologized and moved past it — they are now in a good place…Now that the two ladies have made up, Jackie is so much more at ease.” Also, “it’s really helped bring the group together now that Teresa and Jackie have made up again.”

Neither Jackie nor Evan Goldschneider have addressed the cheating rumors, but she posted a heartfelt Instagram post to him for Valentine’s Day.

A RHONJ Star Hinted at Major Drama This Season

RHONJ star – and ex-husband to cast member Dolores CataniaFrank Catania has spilled the tea about what viewers can expect this season. “This season will be the season of Jackie,” Dolores said on the Lost in the Bravo Sauce podcast in September. “At one point, she was only talking to Melissa [Gorga] because everyone else sided with Teresa and she felt it was ridiculous that they were choosing sides. However, Melissa continued to stay neutral and always had Jackie’s back.”

Catania’s other half echoed the sentiment telling E! News in October, “You’re going to see fights that you haven’t seen in years. Like visceral, visceral, emotional fights. After the episode[s] and after these certain scenes—and every single f***ing one of us has [them]—you’re gonna have to take a nap. It’s draining. It’s draining!”

She added, “The things that have gone on this season, the next day we were still, like, knocked out, emotionally drained. Every single cast member.”

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