Kyle Richards Publicly Feuds With Fellow “Real Housewives” Star

Kyle Richards

Bravo Kyle Richards is shocked.

Kyle Richards is just being open and honest.

During a June 15 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” Richards was asked what she thinks of the new franchise, “The Real Housewives of Dubai” and if cast member Caroline Stanbury, who used to star in “Ladies of London,” was “standoffish.” While answering the question, Richards alleged that she had only met Stanbury once, but that the star had borrowed her jacket a few years ago and never gave it back.

“The only run-in I had is that I lent her a jacket and didn’t get it back from her,” Richards explained. However, when Stanbury heard Richards said that the next day, she took to Twitter to tell her side of the story.

“Hmmmm @KyleRichards pls clarify I had to borrow your jacket as my dress was see through I told you I loved it you said it’s from your store I bought it,” Stanbury wrote on June 17.

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Richards Then Clarified the Situation on Her Instagram Stories

In response to Stanbury’s tweet, Richards then took to her own Instagram stories on June 17 to clarify what happened, explaining that the star had actually ended up buying the borrowed jacket from her.

“Just to clarify @carolinestanbury borrowed my jacket after her dress ended up being see through on camera,” Richards wrote on the Instagram story in a screenshot captured by Heavy. “She left with it that night but I did end up getting it back & she loved it so much she bought one from my store. This was 2016… Also, excited about catching up on Dubai!”

Stanbury Said That She’s Changed Since Her Days on ‘Ladies of London’

While speaking to Entertainment Tonight in early June, Stanbury explained that she’s changed a lot since appearing on “Ladies of London.” Since we last saw her in 2017, Stanbury has moved to Dubai, gotten a divorce from husband Cem Stanbury, and married a new, younger man named Sergio Carrallo.

“I’ve changed city,” Stanbury told the outlet. “I’ve changed man. I’ve changed life. I’ve had a complete three… what is it? Like, 180? I’m just a different person. Everyone says I’m nicer, believe it or not. Maybe not my castmates…”

During the interview, Stanbury also offered some more information about her new husband and her wedding that will be shown during this season of “The Real Housewives of Dubai.”

“I’m really excited for you to see that — also for me to watch it back — because it obviously just happened and I don’t even have my wedding video, so I presume it’s going to be a bit like that,” Stanbury said.

Stanbury continued about Carrallo, “I’ve been with him three years. I don’t know how convenient, when he lived in America, it is to move across [the world] when you know nobody. And he is living with my family. My family loves him, we love him. And I think when you know us, you understand us.”

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