Why The RHOD Cast Thinks That LeeAnne Locken Leaked Brandi Redmond’s Cheating Video

LeeAnne Locken

YouTube/Bravo LeeAnne Locken

During the second part of the “Real Housewives of Dallas” reunion on May 11, 2021, the cast revealed why they believe that their former cast member, LeeAnne Locken, leaked the viral video of Brandi Redmond’s husband cheating on her.

While talking about the video at the reunion, the women agreed that they all knew who leaked the video. When host Andy Cohen asked the ladies to elaborate, D’Andra Simmons explained, “I’m assuming she’s referring to LeeAnne [Locken]…she keeps things for years and then releases them when it’s appropriate she thinks to backlash at the person or harass someone or to make somebody feel horrible about themselves. It’s shameful and it’s awful.”

Stephanie Hollman also agreed with Simmons. “I felt like it was very intentional,” Hollman said during the reunion. “It was done on a Tuesday, the day the show comes out, a few hours before. It’s a day where there’s a lot of eye on the show and then it comes out and it’s just sad.”

Locken was a cast member on “The Real Housewives of Dallas” during seasons one through four.

Kameron Westcott Also Agreed That It Could Have Been Locken

Although Kameron Westcott was good friends with Locken while they were both on “The Real Housewives of Dallas” together over the years, she couldn’t defend her friend during the recent reunion. Westcott seemed to agree with her fellow costars that the scandalous video could have been leaked by the former star.

“I honestly, I don’t think she would ever put it out, but maybe someone she knows would do it,” Westcott admitted during part two of the RHOD reunion.

After Westcott shared her thoughts, Simmons also chimed in that Locken was still very “angry” about not being on the show anymore. “She’s very angry because Brandi is allowed to be on the show and she’s not on the show anymore.”

Last season, Locken was in the hot seat after she made racially insensitive comments to costar Kary Brittingham. During the season, Locken called Brittingham a “chirpy little Mexican,” among other things. Locken did not return for season five of “The Real Housewives of Dallas,” and faced major backlash from fans. The former star also feuded with many of her castmates during the season four reunion.

Locken Has Denied the Accusations

Before part two of the “Real Housewives of Dallas” reunion aired, Locken took to her Instagram stories to debunk the rumors, which were captured by Reality Blurb at the time. Locken posted screenshots of her text messages with Redmond. In one message, Locken wrote in part, “I am getting a ton of messages about how I am being blamed for sending your child a video. THAT IS COMPLETE BULLS***! Why would I ever want to hurt a CHILD??”

In response, Redmond wrote back to Locken, “Omg. I never said it was u. I know who it was.” In another message, Redmond writes again, “I never ever even said your name.”

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