RHOC’s Noella Bergener Makes ‘Brutal’ Claim Against Estranged Husband

Noella Bergener

Bravo Noella Bergener in 2021.

The newest “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Noella Bergener has made a claim about her estranged husband.

Noella took to Instagram on December 20, 2021, to make claims about her husband, James Bergener, who left her one week before she began filming with RHOC. She shared a long statement, partnered with a video clip of her hugging Nicole James and crying about her marriage falling apart.

She claims that five months ago James left with no explanation and served her divorce papers from Puerto Rico.

“To this date James has not visited our son or giving me any explanation for his departure,” she wrote on Instagram. “He has fled the state to evade service. My cards are still shut off, he hasn’t paid a dime in support, he stopped paying for our home and is currently holding up our divorce unless I sign a statement saying that I lied about him, his business partner and his brand.”

According to Page Six, their two-year-old son is autistic.

According to TMZ, James is being sued for more than $4 million by the IRS and the state of California for unpaid taxes. Noella claims she was unaware of the tax debt her husband owed.

“BRUTAL to relive,” she wrote on Instagram with a crying emoji. “5 months ago my husband and partner of 6 years left the house with his toothbrush leaving behind his life, family and home. He ended our marriage with service of divorce papers from Puerto Rico. Which he doesn’t qualify for since we are California citizens and nothing untoward happened in our marriage there. We had been arguing since I found out of his tax debts through gossip sites 3 weeks prior and was confused with his push back to selling our vacation home to cover them.”

Here’s everything we know:

James Denied Allegations of Abandonment & Said ‘I Will Not Publicly Disparage Her’

Shortly after Noella released her statement, James gave one of his own to People.

“I look forward to addressing all these false accusations in a courtroom,” James told the outlet via his lawyer on December 21, 2021. “A judge in Puerto Rico, where I am a resident, has already granted our divorce. Ultimately Noella is the mother of my child and I will not publicly disparage her.”

Noella also wished well for James in her statement.

“I spoke nothing but the truth and have all the receipts,” she wrote on Instagram. “If anything I really protected my husband by not speaking about his issues but rather focused on my journey in this now divorce. He is the father of my child and want him to be well.”

Noella also has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Page Six reported.

Fans Backed Noella, Urging Her to ‘Stay Strong’ During Her ‘Difficult Time’

When Noella made her statement, many fans rushed to support her in the comments of her Instagram post.

“I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this,” someone wrote. “One can only hope the courts see his egregious exit for the cowardly move it was and give you full custody of your child plus 50% of all assets. James should be SOLEY held accountable for his fraudulent tax issues and you should not be dragged into it. Wishing the best of luck. Stay strong. I can’t imagine the pain you’re experiencing.”

Another fan wrote, “I admire your strength so much!!! Sending you so much love.”

“You will get through this!” someone else wrote.

“so sorry you are going through all this,” a fan wrote. “you are a strong and amazing women. I pray all goes well for you during this difficult time.”

“So sorry @noellanoelbergener I feel like this is a testament of your journey & so many positive things will be coming to you & your family!! We’re rooting for you babe!! As strong black women, you got this sis,” another commenter wrote.

“The fact he hasn’t seen your son, wow,” someone wrote. “That says a lot about him. How disgusting! I am so very sorry, sending you tons of love.”

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