PHOTO: Kelly Dodd Sparks Outrage Among Fans

Kelly Dodd

YouTube/Bravo Kelly Dodd

The Housewives never fail to surprise us! Even though ladies from different franchises live far away, they share the common bond of being a Real Housewife, and that warrants the occasional meetup. “The Real Housewives of Orange County” star Kelly Dodd recently caught up with “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” cast member Jackie Goldschneider, and it had many fans less than thrilled.

Dodd frequently spends time with her hubby Rick Leventhal in New York City and the beautiful Hamptons. And as RHONJ fans know, Goldschneider also vacations to the Hamptons in her notoriously expensive home. The two recently caught up and weren’t afraid to show how much they enjoyed their time together.

The RHOC star posted a photo with herself, Leventhal, and Jackie and Evan Goldschneider. She captioned the photo, as seen above, “Thanks Jackie Goldschneider and Evan for having us over .. we had a blast.” Goldschneider posted a similar photo and wrote, “Westhampton mashup!”

Many Fans Got Upset Over the Meetup

Dodd is no stranger to controversy, and she often has fans angry or upset with comments she has made. Over the past few months, Dodd has faced backlash and criticism from Bravo fans due to her actions during the coronavirus pandemic.

In April 2020, Dodd said that the coronavirus was “God’s way of thinning out the herd,” and that “no one was dying in Orange County.” Dodd also posted a picture to Instagram of herself wearing a hat that read, “Drunk Wives Matter,” during her bachelorette party last October. Many found this insensitive and offensive toward the Black Lives Matter movement. Because of this, many are not exactly Dodd fans.

Fans took to the Instagram posts to question the friendship between the RHOC and RHONJ star. A popular Bravo fan account commented, “Jackie. Baby what r u doin.” Another fan account wrote, “Ugh. Well. Good to know.”

Everyday fans also seemed to share their disappointment. “Jackie noooooooooo,” one fan wrote with nearly 700 likes. Another commented, “Oh Jackie….no honey.” Some comments were more specific saying, “I just can’t even like this, Kelly dodd.” Another wrote, “Girl, align yourself with better.” Many of the comments were flooded with similar sentiments, and many noted they were now unfollowing Goldschneider.

Not everyone hated the mashup, though. One Bravo account commented, “It’s the queen of NJ and the queen of OC together.” A fan commented, “Love this picture! My two faves! Hope you all are having a wonderful time!”

Andy Cohen Has Spoken out About Dodd’s Past Controversies

Face of Bravo and Executive Producer Andy Cohen has addressed Dodd’s controversies in the past. While appearing on the “Everything Iconic” podcast with Danny Pellegrino earlier this month, Cohen finally revealed what he thinks about the drama. “People have always celebrated Kelly for her outspokenness,” Cohen said during the podcast.

He continued saying, “People are usually celebrated for [being outspoken and polarizing]. But there’s been a reckoning of sorts, and the line is being drawn by some fans as to what they’ll accept and what they won’t and that’s entirely their right.”

Many fans have asked for her to be fired, but Cohen stands by his opinion that fans don’t watch the Real Housewives for political knowledge.

“It’s troublesome to me,” Cohen told Variety of Dodd’s past statements on April 14. “I disagree with her point of view about COVID, but there are a lot of people who share her opinion. And by the way, she is in Orange County, where her opinion is probably the prevailing opinion.”

He added, “The line between celebrating someone’s outspokenness and not liking someone’s outspokenness is really blurring these days. Bravo is meant to be escapism, and I don’t personally think that the people on Bravo should be on trial for their political and cultural views. That doesn’t seem that fun to me!”

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