Fans Fed Up With Ramona Singer, Want Her Fired From ‘RHONY’

Getty Images Ramona Singer.

Ramona Singer‘s time on “The Real Housewives of New York City” could be in question as many fans are calling for her to be fired from the franchise.

Rumors that Singer was set to be fired from the cast after the drama on the current season have been circulating for months. In fact, many believe that the reason that the “RHONY” reunion has been postponed is because of demands put forth by Singer.

Although things appeared more than fine when the reality star recently appeared on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Bravo boss Andy Cohen, some fans have had enough of Singer and think it’s time for her to go.

Although Singer’s drama was once a staple on the New York franchise, fans seem to think that she’s just too over-the-top this season, and that the cast could use a good shake-up — fans are ready to get off the Ramonacoaster.

Here’s what you need to know:

Some Fans Hope That Cohen Fires Singer From the Show

A Reddit thread from August 18, 2021, features the following conversation starter about Singer.

I actually can’t with her anymore, I had a brief moment where I thought she was outrageous and funny, but after this episode I just can’t anymore. I refuse to believe that she’s that stupid she doesn’t [realize] how rude she’s being, she’s definitely an ‘any press is good press’ kinda girl. For me it’s time she left/gets fired, like I’m all for watching rich women be a hot mess daily but Ramona is just a whole other kind of mess. I really hope that bravo/Andy actually listen to the fans, because by the looks of it there’s not a lot of people backing her these days.”

More than 100 comments have been added to the thread, with most agreeing with the original poster, and hoping that Singer doesn’t come back for another season.

“I have always thought Ramona is the worst person, maybe of all the HWs. When she thinks someone has slighted or bested her, she says the nastiest things in the most transparent attempt to build herself back up. It’s so cringe and pathetic,” added one Redditor.

“After she ate while standing up in the kitchen, all the while talking nonsense to the poor woman held captive, she seems to think she is interesting and a good conversationalist. The reality is that she is a delusional, entitled, selfish, out of touch, abhorrent human being with few, if any, redeeming qualities. This is the first episode I stopped watching because I was so disgusted. Ramona needs to move on from RHONY before the franchise is ruined for good,” wrote another.

Singer Seems Unbothered With the Chatter That She’s Done on the Show

Although there hasn’t been any confirmation about who will be back for another season of “RHONY” and who won’t, Singer appears to be living her best life, and doesn’t appear stressed about her reality television future at all — as evidenced by her recent Instagram posts.

Fans have been quick to pick up on Cohen’s consistent “shade” toward Singer, which seems to come out during the reunion specials — see this Reddit thread for more.

However, Singer is an OG Housewife, and many consider her a staple on “RHONY.” In the past, Singer’s annoying behavior has been tolerable for many, with fans describing a love/hate relationship with her, but this season, she appears to be over-the-top, intolerable, and many fans want her gone.

Could the next season of “RHONY” have some major cast changes? Only time will tell.

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Sandy Baar
Sandy Baar
9 months ago

She needs to go

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