‘Real Housewives’ Star Says She Doesn’t Have Andy Cohen’s Phone Number

Andy Cohen

Getty Images A "Real Housewives" star isn't super close with Andy Cohen.

Various “Real Housewives” stars have different relationships with Andy Cohen. Some have known him for years and consider him a good friend while others look at him as their boss and keep things completely professional.

There’s one “Real Housewives” star who actually doesn’t talk to Cohen outside of the show very much because she says she doesn’t have his number.

The admission came during an interview at BravoCon 2022. Us Weekly decided to ask several of the Housewives if they ever have called Cohen to complain and Robyn Dixon from “The Real Housewives of Potomac” basically said that she couldn’t do that even if she wanted to.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dixon Understands Her Role as a Reality Television Star

Dixon is an OG cast member of the Potomac franchise. She joined in season one and has been a full-time Housewife for seven straight seasons. Despite being a part of the Bravo family for several years, Dixon claims that she and Cohen aren’t on a texting basis.

“I don’t even have Andy’s phone number,” Dixon told Us Weekly.

“I’m probably one of the easiest Housewives in all of the franchises. I go with the flow. I understand, like, I signed up for this job. It’s what it is. And I’m gonna roll with the punches. And although there’s some things that, you know, I might see stuff in editing that I don’t like or [something] they left that out, they added a couple of words to something I said. It’s what I’m signed up for. When you sign that contract, it pretty much says, ‘Shut up and do your job, OK!’ so I don’t complain,'” she added.

Cohen spoke to this during a 2021 interview on “No Filter with Naomi.” It seems like there’s nothing personal as to why Dixon doesn’t have Cohen’s number — and she certainly isn’t the only one.

“I would say Potomac and Dallas and Salt Lake [City casts] have been the slowest to get my number because they’re the newest, so if any of them need it, then they get it. Then they have it,” he explained.

Cohen Has Previously Shared Texts That He’s Received From ‘Real Housewives’ Stars

Cohen seems to toe the line between professional and personal relationships fairly well, but he has admitted that he has built friendships with a lot of the people who work for him.

“I think what people don’t realize about me is that I really have a constant going with the Housewives and very random Househusbands on my phone,” he told Bravo’s “The Daily Dish” in 2016.

He went on to share some names from recent messages he received and they included Kim Zolciak-Biermann and Bethenny Frankel. “This is my life, absolutely. Sometimes they’re mad at me. Sometimes they’re not,” he said.

In December 2020, Cohen took part in the “post a picture of” trend in which he left a question box on his Instagram Stories for fans to request to see some pictures from his life. One fan asked to see a picture of “the last current Housewife” that he texted — and he obliged.

Cohen shared a screenshot of his phone, careful only to show the names of the people in his text list. According to a screenshot shared by Reality Blurb, Cohen had been texting with Erika Jayne and Ramona Singer.

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