Tamra Judge Responds to Noella Bergener Slamming Her on WWHL

Tamra Judge

Getty Tamra Judge poses in 2018.

Former “Real Housewives of Orange County” star Tamra Judge shared her thoughts about Noella Bergener during a February 2022 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” After Cohen implored her to talk about the model, the 54-year-old asserted that “every village needs an idiot.” On March 2, 2022, Bergener, who became an “RHOC” cast member for its sixteenth season, was a “WWHL” guest and commented on Judge’s perception of her. 

“I feel like, honestly, being called the village idiot by the most iconic village idiot is kind of like epic on its own, so I’ll take it. Honestly, though it makes me sad, like girl like you’re not a Housewife, get a new gig,” stated the “RHOC” star. 

Cohen then asserted that Judge “has a new gig,” which may be in reference to her podcast, “Two Ts In A Pod,” co-hosted by Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. The Bravo producer also clarified that he had “asked her the question” about Bergener. 

Judge and Arroyave reacted to Bergener’s “WWHL” interview on a March 2022 episode of their podcast. 

Tamra Judge & Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Spoke About Noella Bergener on Their Podcast 

While recording the March 4 episode of “Two Ts In A Pod,” Judge shared that she does not regret referring to Bergener as a village idiot. She also revealed that she did not mind Bergener’s response. 

“I knew that it was going to be talked about on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ I thought her comeback was good, I really do,” said the Vena CBD co-founder. 

She clarified that she did not appreciate Bergener saying that Judge’s situation “makes [her] sad.” 

“The one thing is when she said, ‘I’m so sad for her.’ Sad for me? Why are you sad for me? I have multiple businesses,” stated the former “RHOC” star. 

Arroyave chimed in that she and Judge make a decent amount of money off of their podcast. 

“I hate to break it to you Noella, Tamra and I make more money doing this pod than you do first season of ‘Housewives.’ Go kick rocks lady,” stated the 40-year-old. 

Judge then seemed to reference that Bergener claimed she was “squatting in [her] 10,000 square foot” Newport Beach home following her separation from her estranged husband, James Bergener, during a January 2022 Us Weekly interview

“You don’t have to feel sad for me Noella. I’m doing just fine. I don’t have to rent, and I’m not a squatter,” said the former Bravo personality. 

She also asserted that she was grateful that “Andy stuck up for [her]” during the “WWHL” interview. 

Dr. Jen Armstrong Discussed Noella Bergener in February 2022

Bergener has had issues with a few of her “RHOC” co-stars, including Dr. Jen Armstrong. While speaking to Us Weekly in February 2022, Armstrong shared that she believed the model “has pretty extreme mood swings,” which makes it difficult to have a friendship with her. 

“I would relate it to talking to a toddler, so one second we’re over here and the next second we are over here and there’s no defining factor of why we’re swinging from side to side,” said the doctor. 

She also stated that while she empathizes with Bergener as the model navigates her divorce proceedings, she understands why she and her husband broke up.

“I feel bad for her, I think separating, even when you need to separate is a very difficult thing to do and then adding children on top of that is even more difficult,” said Armstrong. “That being said, having experienced being with Noella, I can see how extremely difficult it would be being in a relationship with her. So, I kind of have some empathy with James.”

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