Alexander Siddig Claims This DS9 Star’s Brother was a Spy & He Could be Right

British actor Alexander Siddig poses during a photocall for the TV serie "The Kennedys : after Camelot" as part of the MIPCOM

Getty Images British actor Alexander Siddig poses during a photocall for the TV serie "The Kennedys : after Camelot" as part of the MIPCOM

Alexander Siddig, who played Julian Bashir on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9), made an appearance on his former co-star Cirroc Lofton’s podcast The 7th Rule last week. A large part of their discussion focused on their memories of filming the episode, “Our Man Bashir.” In this fan-favorite holodeck episode, Siddig’s character Bashir was trapped in a holodeck program based on the James Bond novels, in which he played the British spy himself.

As they reminisced, Lofton asked Siddig if any of the other actors particularly loved filming the episode. Siddig responded that he thought Nana Visitor, who played Kira Nerys, enjoyed the episode’s storyline because it had a personal connection for her.

He explained that Visitor had a brother who actually was a secret agent.

“Her brother was a CIA guy, a very shady individual, who was part of the original 60s experiments in… the early LSD potential and all that stuff. You should ask her about it. It’s a stunning story. And so she knew or had been told all about the real-life version of the Black Widow that her brother worked with. They were together and would go off to foreign countries and on missions, and do pretty terrible things frankly… So she really understood what she was doing.”

Lofton seemed quite surprised to find out these details about his former co-star’s history, but Siddig just continued with the interview.

Though the story seems unbelievable, it appears that it could be true.

Who Was Nana Visitor’s Brother?

Actress Nana Visitor, who played the character Kira Nerys on the television series "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," laughs during her appearance at the Star Trek convention at the Las Vegas Hilton August 14, 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Getty Images

Nana Visitor had two brothers, Ian Tucker and Paris Theodore. Her brother Ian Tucker became an actor, like his sister. Her older half-brother Paris Theodore, was a well-known inventor who created weapons, specifically stealth handguns and pistols, according to an obituary published in The New York Sun. Given the experiences Siddig claimed Visitor’s brother relayed to her, it’s safe to say that he was probably talking about Theodore, not Tucker.

Theodore was the son of Visitor’s mother, Nenette Charisse Tucker, and her first husband. He was significantly older than Visitor, 14 years her senior. There isn’t much information about how close their relationship was or how much they saw each other. The obituary made no mention of his siblings.

Was he Really a CIA Agent?

An ASP handgun designed by Paris Theodore

Wikimedia Commons

The New York Sun’s obituary did tell the tale of a man of mystery whose exploits were shrouded in secrecy. Theodore worked out of a meticulously hidden laboratory, developing weapons that could have been carried by Bond himself. In fact, Theodore was often compared to Q, the genius tinkerer who made all of Bonds’ gadgets. The Uzi that could be concealed in a carrying bag, so popular in mob movies, was an invention of Theodore’s, as was a Zippo that could shoot bullets.

The New York Sun claimed that he was recruited to work for a secret government agency right out of school and spent the next decade traveling the world, completing dangerous missions. Some thought he even worked as a government assassin, carrying out missions that required particular stealth and weapons knowledge. The publication acknowledged that none of this could be verified. However, they pointed to stories told by family members and colleagues as the basis for the claims.

What is known for sure is that Theodore developed some of the most innovative weapons of the time period and changed the landscape of weapons development.

Though no one but Visitor can confirm whether what Siddig said was true, her brother’s own life story makes Siddig’s claim seem plausible at the very least.

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