‘Star Trek’ Actress Reveals How a Fan Almost Made Her Cry

Chase Masterson and Nicole de Boer at Star Trek Las Vegas

Wikimedia Commons Chase Masterson and Nicole de Boer at Star Trek Las Vegas

One of Chase Masterson’s favorite things about being a part of the Trekverse is meeting her “Star Trek” fans. Since “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” wrapped more than 20 years ago, Masterson has become a regular at Trek conventions, cruises, and events. According to fans who have met her at these events, Masterson is fun, kind, and she takes the time to truly engage with her fans.

During an exclusive interview with Heavy, Masterson shared one of the best stories she’s ever heard during one of these fan conversations and why it almost brought her to tears.

The Real Meaning of ‘Star Trek’

Chase Masterson Interview Part 1 (Leeta, DS9)Interview with Chase Masterson who played Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Part 1 of 32010-11-25T11:30:29Z

When Masterson spoke about her favorite parts of working in the Trekverse, she said the times that are most important to her are “the quiet moments when someone comes up and says, one on one, how much this show meant to them.”

“This by far outweighs everything. It outweighs seeing yourself in ‘TV Guide.’ It outweighs even being able to be in front of thousands of people cheering.”

Masterson continued by telling one of the stories that touched her the most throughout the years.

“These same guys, they’re a group of Klingons [cosplayers] based in the Northeast… The first time I met them, they came up and said that they were deployed during the war while ‘Deep Space Nine’ was on the air, while it was in production. And they said that when they would come back from a mission, they would go to camp, before they would even take a shower or get some food, if there was an episode of ‘Deep Space Nine’ that arrived by VHS… they would watch that before they would do anything else. Because it reminded them of what was important, of their values, of home, of the cost of war, of the value of justice, of doing the right thing, of taking risks, of standing up when you know something is true and right.”

Masterson paused, visibly moved by the recollection of their words.

“To be part of a show that does that, that encourages people on that level…”

Masterson trailed off and paused again before saying that myriad people have told her that “Deep Space Nine” has helped them get through serious, life-threatening illnesses, and grief.

‘Something Special’

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Q&A ClipsJoin the cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for a one-of-a-kind Live Stream Q&A with GalaxyCon Live. Nana Visitor "Kira Nerys", Andy Robinson "Elim Garak", Terry Farrell "Jadzia Dax", Alexander Siddig "Julian Bashir", Armin Shimerman "Quark", Chase Masterson "Emony Dax" Sign Up to Find Out about New GalaxyCon Live Virtual Events: galaxycon.info/newsletter GalaxyCon Live…2020-09-08T21:00:01Z

Masterson went on to say that the cast of “Deep Space Nine” was fully aware of the show’s impact.

“The wonderful thing about ‘Deep Space Nine’ is that we knew what we had when we had it. We knew we were making something this special, and we appreciated it and cherished it in the same way that you do. It isn’t just a job or just a show for us. The stories are transcendent.”

Masterson also emphasized how much she truly loves “Star Trek.” She’s not just a Trek actress, she’s a Trek fan herself. Landing the role on “Deep Space Nine” was a dream come true, not just because of the opportunities it afforded her career-wise, but also because she was a genuine fan of “Star Trek” when she was cast.

Masterson added that she’s grateful she’s continued to be a part of the Trekverse, through both conventions and her work on Star Trek Online.

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