‘Survivor’ Winner Calls For a Winter Season Of the Show

Ethan Zohn on Survivor: Winners at War

CBS Ethan Zohn on Survivor: Winners at War

Many Survivor fans are clamoring for the show to get back in production — and guess what? So are the players! Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn recently posted that he thinks the show should do a winter season. What do you think, fans?

Ethan Thinks a Winter Season Is a Great Idea

In a recent Instagram post where he is outside enjoying a wintery fire, Zohn wrote, “I’m missing Survivor so much that I’m starting to think a winter season could be a good idea! What do you guys think? And that’s ash, not snow floating in my face.”

In the video, Zohn added, “Tapping into my days from Edge of Extinction, minus the snow. Hope everyone’s doing well. Happy New Year!”

Zohn is quite the outdoorsman. In another holiday Instagram video, he chops wood on a “kindling cracker,” which he called “simple, easy wintertime fun.”

“Wish I had this on Survivor,” he added, writing, “I’ve been pining after this cool kindling cracker for the longest time so I decided to branch out and pick one up for the holidays. Not to get all sappy on you, but there’s nothing better than listening to some Spruce Springstein, sip some root-beer and binge-watch poplar reality TV on a Sunday afternoon. Tell me your favorite family-friendly wood puns… Just leaf the in the comments!”

The Fans Love The Idea of a Winter Season But Think CBS Would Never Go For It

Several Survivor fans said that a winter season wouldn’t have enough “skin” for CBS to put one on the air. One wrote, “Not enough bikinis.”

But another chimed in with, “Winter Survivor would be wild, I would absolutely tune in. Maybe somewhere in Canada?”

Another wrote, “I miss Survivor so much, I would do anything for another season. CBS, please start a winter season.”

One fan even said he’s “kinda tired of the show being on a beach setting.”

We think Survivor fans would probably watch whatever CBS could get on the air, including a series of bloopers/outtakes specials, so a winter season would definitely get eyeballs even if there wasn’t a lot of skin showing.

Unfortunately, it probably isn’t going to work out that way. But Jeff Probst has said that they are working hard to try to get the show back into production, including looking at locations outside of Fiji, which is where they have filmed every season since season 33. The Dominican Republic is one location that might have some potential. If other shows can do it, why can’t Survivor? It’s hard to know what the hold up is at this point.

There is talk about the production team filming three seasons this spring so that they can air one in the summer of 2021, one in the fall, and then one in the spring of 2022, but there is no word yet on if they can make that happen.

In the meantime, fans can watch old seasons on several different streaming platforms. Here’s all the information you need to revisit your favorite seasons of Survivor while you wait for new episodes.

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