Jenny Kim on Her ‘Survivor’ Exit

Jenny Kim

Jenny Ki Jenny Kim on "Survivor"

On the March 23 episode of “Survivor 42,” viewers witnessed a jaw dropping Tribal Council.

Fans were on the edge of their seats as they watched the Vati tribe struggle to come to a unanimous decision about who to vote out. To make the situation more complicated, two members of the tribe-Mike Turner and Chanelle Howard-lost their vote prior to the ceremony.

The loss of votes led to a tie-breaker between Jenny Kim, 43, and Lydia Meredith, 22, with both women receiving two votes. Host Jeff Probst called for a re-vote, which resulted in a second tie, forcing castaways Daniel Strunk and Hai Giang to make a mutual decision about who should leave the game. In the end, Jenny was sent packing.

Jenny on Her “Survivor” Exit

In an exclusive interview with Parade, Jenny opened up about her “Survivor” exit.

The Brooklyn native told the outlet that viewers didn’t see how hard she fought to stay in the game.

“At Tribal Council, I’m definitely fighting for my life. I’m disappointed. It looks like I sort of just laid down there,” she said.

Jenny told Parade that she tried to reason with Hai to get him to switch his vote.

“I said, ‘Hai, you said we would work together. Why are you going back on that right now?'” she said. “We were a team. We can go forward if you just change your vote right now. It’ll be fine. We can patch this up.'”

Despite Jenny’s efforts to save her game, Hai already made up his mind. Turns out, Jenny’s ally, Daniel, told Hai that Jenny was conspiring against him earlier in the week.

When she found out Daniel was playing both sides, Jenny said she knew her game was over.

“At that point, I realized my game was sunk,” she told the outlet. “I always knew Daniel was working the middle. I did not realize how much information he was sharing with both sides.”

Jenny on Being a Target

In her interview with Parade, Jenny gave insight into why her Vati tribe members targeted her instead of Mike, the retired firefighter.

“I do believe that it was about keeping Mike’s strength over my puzzle skills,” she said. “That was more important to the group at the time. That’s all I think it came down to.”

“Hai and Lydia did not bond with Mike any more than they did with me,” she continued. “It was really just how do we keep the tribe as strong as possible and get out one of the people who were not in our alliance? And that fell on me.”

Jenny Shares Goodbye Message on Instagram

Jenny took to Instagram after the March 23 episode to share her final thoughts on her “Survivor” exit.

The 43-year-old shared a screenshot of Jeff Probst snuffing her torch alongside a lengthy caption.

“Was not happy about leaving so early but proud of the game I played,” Jenny wrote. “The fan love and support has been truly overwhelming and such a wonderfully surprising part of this whole experience. Thank you to my husband for his support through every step of this journey and helping me grow into the person you all cheered on. I would not have been able to comprehend doing any of this without his positive influence in my life over the past 12 years.”

She ended the post by telling fans she hopes to return to the show in the future.

“Survivor” airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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