‘Survivor’ Season 41 Tribes Revealed

TV personality Jeff Probst speaks onstage during the 'Survivor' panel at Entertainment Weekly's PopFest

Getty TV personality Jeff Probst speaks onstage during the 'Survivor' panel at Entertainment Weekly's PopFest

The tribes for “Survivor” season 41 have been revealed — read on to find out how the cast is being divided, but be warned of spoilers.


There Are Three Tribes This Season

According to a new report from Inside Survivor, which is a reputable source for “Survivor” spoilers, season 41 will be dividing its 18 castaways into three tribes of six people apiece.

The tribes are going to be split up into blue, yellow, and green, though there is no word yet as to their official tribe names.

The Blue Tribe will consist of:

  • Heather Aldret, 52, Charleston, SC, artist
  • Erika Casupanan, 32, Toronto, Ontario, communications professional
  • Danny McCray, 33, Houston, TX, retired NFL player
  • Naseer Muttalif, 36, Milpitas, CA, sales manager
  • Deshawn Radden, 26, Phoenix, AR, shift manager/medical scribe
  • Sydney Segal, 26, Beverly Hills, CA, law student/legal intern

The Yellow Tribe includes:

  • Eric Abraham, 50, San Antonio, TX, cybersecurity professional
  • Xander Hastings, 20, Jacksonville, FL, computer science student
  • Evvie Jagoda, 28, Somerville, MA, researcher Ph.D. student
  • Tiffany Seely, 47, Plainview, NY, teacher
  • David Voce, 34, Nashville, TN, doctor
  • Liana Wallace, 20, Evanston, IL, business student

And the Green Tribe features:

  • Ricard Foye, 31, Bellingham, WA, flight attendant
  • Brad Reese, 49, Douglas, WY, rancher
  • Genie Robin-Chen, 46, Portland, OR, grocery store worker
  • Jairus Robinson, 20, Oklahoma City, OK, student
  • Shantel Smith, 34, Toronto, Ontario, pastor/comedian
  • Sara Wilson, 23, Sherman Oaks, CA, a mechanical engineering student

The Tribes By the Numbers

In case you are curious (and also a lover of numbers and statistics like we are), here’s how the tribes break down.

The average age of the Blue Tribe is 34, the average age of the Yellow Tribe is 33, and the average age of the Green Tribe is 34, which shakes out quite evenly. The tribes also each feature three members who are older than 32 and three members who are 32 or younger, so none of the tribes has a built-in older castaways or younger castaways alliance.

However, Heather Aldret is an outlier on her tribe — on all the tribes, the oldest and youngest people have someone close to their age except for Aldret. She is 16 years older than the next oldest person on her tribe and she’s also the oldest castaway period, so Aldret may be in some trouble if she doesn’t quickly bond with her younger tribemates.

As far as jobs go, the Yellow Tribe skews heavily academic/white collar — students, a doctor, a teacher, technology sector. The other two tribes are a bit more mixed.

Gender-wise, the tribes are all split evenly into three men and three women. Racially, which we only bring up because this is the first “Survivor” season to debut after CBS made its inclusion and diversity pledge, the Green and Blue tribes each feature four people of color and two white members. The Yellow tribe has two people of color and four white castaways.

What else we know about season 41 so far is that the filming schedule was shortened from 39 days to 26-29 days, the season has already wrapped and production has moved on to filming season 42, and host Jeff Probst has teased that this season is “super dangerous” and “very difficult to win,” plus they are “trying some new things” this year.

“Survivor” returns for its 41st season in September 2021 — most likely the 15, 22, or 29.

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