Is ‘Survivor’ Season 43 Canceled or Renewed?

Jeff Probst

CBS "Survivor" host Jeff Probst in season 41.

With the finale of “Survivor 42” fast approaching, fans are already looking ahead to seasons 43 and onward. So has the hit CBS reality show been renewed for another season? Here’s everything we know about the upcoming seasons so far:

‘Survivor’ Has Been Renewed for Seasons 43 & 44

As reported in mid-March, “Survivor” has been picked up by CBS for at least another two seasons. In fact, filming for “43” is already underway, and the cast has even been leaked, making fans run wild with speculation about what we might be in store for for the upcoming seasons.

What’s most important to remember is that this is all still very preliminary, and we don’t know much about season 43 beyond the fact that there is a season 43, let alone what the season will look like beyond its location. Since this is the end of “Survivor’s” fall season, little is known about the content for seasons 43 and 44, given that most of it hasn’t even happened yet.

At the end of the show’s winter seasons, on the other hand, we often have much more knowledge about the upcoming season, given that it has already been shot and mostly edited, and host Jeff Probst and CBS are much more open about teasing what’s in store.

In December, for instance, it was widely reported that much of “Survivor 41’s” layout, including many of the show’s new twists and advantages, would be returning for season 42. Now, however, given how the power of most of those twists lay in their unpredictability, many of them have been rendered more or less ineffective since the casts of “43” and “44” have already seen them in action, so they will likely not be returning.

However, given Probst’s well-known fondness for new twists and his diehard belief that the more unpredictable “Survivor” becomes, the better it is, the “43” and “44” castaways – and viewers – are highly likely to encounter new twists similar to the ones we saw over the last year.

‘Survivor 43’ Will Be Airing in September

Fans are likely going to have to wait until sometime in September until “Survivor 43” reaches the airwaves, as is normally the case with the show’s fall seasons.

However, there is at least one new element to look forward to: as part of a new IMAX Live program, “Survivor 43” will actually be premiering in theaters for fans who wish to purchase tickets. Though details on IMAX Live are scarce as of now, Heavy will continue to update that story.

We also know that “Survivor 43” will continue to be shot in Fiji. This is unsurprising, given that Probst has essentially gone on the record stating that this is a permanent shooting location. As for the number of days played, the official count is yet to be confirmed, but it seems as though Probst and production, similar to the twists and advantages, are fond of the 26-day shooting schedule, and will likely be sticking with it, at least for the short term. This may come to the disappointment of some fans, though most of the players themselves are sure to be relieved.

The three-hour season finale of “Survivor 42” airs Wednesday, May 25, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern on CBS.

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