One ‘Survivor’ Has Strong Feelings About ‘Fans vs. Favorites’

'Survivor: Fans vs Favorites' cast

CBS 'Survivor: Fans vs Favorites' cast

One former Survivor castaway has some strong words regarding the “Fans vs. Favorites” season he ended up on. He wishes now he had been able to play on the season he was originally cast for because he thinks “Fans vs. Favorites” isn’t an even playing field.

Matt Bischoff Thinks Fans vs. Faves Seasons Are ‘So Unfair’

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bischoff said that getting to play Survivor as a “huge” fan of the show was an “absolute dream come true.” But he also said that “Fans vs. Favs seasons are so unfair because returnees know how things work and us newbies are clueless.”

He went on to say that he regrets agreeing to “Fans vs. Favorites.” He wishes he would have declined to go on that season and played on “an all-newbie season instead.”

He also said his downfall was the “dreaded tribe swap” because they lost their numbers. After the tribe shake-up, “the favorites told us they liked us, but that if we lost a challenge, one of us fans was going to go home,” said Bischoff.

He Said It Was Also a Weird Season For People Staying in Touch

Bischoff also revealed that “half the fans tribe weren’t actual fans,” so they “pretty much dropped off the earth in the Survivor world” after filming wrapped. But Bischoff and fellow castaway Michael Snow are great friends, and he stayed in touch with Dawn and Corinne from the Favorites.

He also had a few suggestions for how they could liven up things on the show currently: “Bring back other locations throughout the World. I’m tired of seeing Fiji every season. Part of what made me fall in love with Survivor was the different cultures and parts of the world. It made me appreciate all the different places and learning about the locations. It kept Survivor interesting. Climate, scenery etc were always different and created different and memorable seasons. Fiji is beautiful, but is stale to me.”

He’s not wrong — and he might get his wish, if Survivor can’t bring production back to Fiji because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Finally, Bischoff also said the show relying on twists “has gotten out of hand” and they should bring back the food auction. Yes! And also the eat-gross-things challenge. We are right there with you, Bischoff.

But he also said he is so grateful to the show because it “opened up so many cool things” for him.

“Using the platform to speak at many engagements, attend a ton of charity events including Hearts of Reality, Reality Rally, Reality for Diabetes, Softball with the Stars, and I was lucky enough to get asked to play Durham Warriors Survival Challenge at Bob Crowley’s in Maine 2 times,” said Bischoff. “Those events were the ultimate, most real thing to Survivor. I also do a podcast with Survivor Legend Jonny Fairplay called Survivor NSFW where we break down the show and interview Survivor Castaways.”

Survivor hopes to film season 41 in the spring of 2021 for a fall 2021 premiere.

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