Latest ‘Survivor’ Boot Gives Her Take on Remaining Castaways

Tiffany Seely voted out in "Survivor 41."

YouTube Tiffany Seely has her torch snuffed in episode 8 of "Survivor 41."

Wednesday’s episode of “Survivor 41” saw fan-favorite Tiffany Seely get her torch snuffed after yet another dramatic live Tribal. Since her exit, Tiffany has revealed what really went down during the last episode that we didn’t see, and has given her take on some of the ten contestants who remain. Here’s what she had to say.

Tiffany on Xander: ‘Zero Loyalty, Not a Fan’

Xander and Tiffany in "Survivor 41"

YouTubeTiffany Seely and Xander Hastings in “Survivor 41.”

Tiffany was not afraid to share her thoughts on those who remain, most notably her former ally and Yase tribemate Xander Hastings. Xander is another fan-favorite, who might be one of the most well-liked players left among the audience, especially with the departure of Tiffany herself.

In an ET Canada interview, the 48-year-old mother of two blasted Xander’s gameplay in the last episode, castigating him for ostracizing her both pre-Tribal and during. She suggested that he should have played his idol for her last night, saying, “that would’ve been brilliant. That’s a move. That’s a move. We would’ve had the numbers after that, we would’ve switched up this game, that’s a boss move.” Although Xander himself almost certainly would have been eliminated had he played the idol on Tiffany last night (with the vote tying, a re-vote would have ensued between himself and Heather Aldret), both he and Tiffany would have escaped scot free had he voted for Heather in the first round, and then played his idol for Tiffany.

She added: “If he wasn’t gonna use it [on himself], use it on me! Zero loyalty, not a fan. Thought it was bad, bad play, like really. It was like, why? I showed you so much loyalty last week… But, it is what it is, that’s why it’s a game.”

In an interview with CBS Local, she revealed that Xander had ostracized her much more than what was seen in the episode, due to what she believed was paranoia at the perception of their bond. She elaborated:

What I think that viewers didn’t really get to see was that Xander was not talking to me anymore. So after I gave him back [his idol] and that loyalty and trust was there… I think he became paranoid that everybody else was seeing [herself, Xander, and Evvie] as an [alliance of three], so he completely just did not speak to me, whatsoever.

She added that when she tried to approach him during the live Tribal, he put his hand out, rejecting her from entering his circle. “He didn’t want to talk to me,” said Tiffany. “It was terrible. They didn’t show it but he did, and I was like, ‘I’m dead in the water!’ There’s nothing to do when no one’s talking to you!”

She added that turning on her “Made no sense. It was a very, very shortsighted move on his end. And a lot of his move that seemed a bit performative to me, like if you wanna make a boss move use your idol on me, and then we have the numbers. One more vote!”

Tiffany Slams Madness at Tribal Council: ‘This Is So Stupid’

Live Tribal Council in "Survivor 41" episode 8.

YouTubeThe chaotic “live Tribal” in episode 8 of “Survivor 41.”

In an interview with TVLine, Tiffany elaborated a bit more on the chaos that went down pre-Tribal which fans might not have gotten a full picture of:

Everybody was fighting. You could see heated arguments in corners and people pleading their cases. I was walking around trying to talk to every single person, and they wouldn’t talk to me. I cannot believe they didn’t show this, but I had such a great plan to pitch to Xander that I know would’ve flipped the whole game, but he wouldn’t talk to me. Plus, Liana was following us around like a puppy. You didn’t see me pleading my case out there, but I was.

She further vented her frustration about certain contestants in the game due to the upshot of last night’s Tribal in an interview with EW: “I was so angry at the moment. And I was really upset about Liana, because she was after Xander so hard! And then you go after me? I was so annoyed that I was like, “This is so stupid.”

She explained further her thoughts on Xander’s gameplay: “When Xander didn’t talk to me, I said… ‘this is terrible jury management. Like, how do you do this? We’re a tight three. We’re tight. We’re coming in. And you just all blow it.’ It was horrible.”

Tiffany Made Long-Lasting Bonds With Some Fellow Players

In a discussion with Parade magazine, Tiffany did acknowledged the close bonds she had made during her time on the island.

She said that former contestant David Voce, who was eliminated episode 2, are “super tight, best best best friends.”

She reflected similar sentiments about Sydney Segal, who was voted out last week. “I’m super close with Sydney,” she said. “Sydney and I had some hysterical laughter, as you can only imagine with two New York girls together. The boom mics would come in, and they’d be like, ‘Oh [expletive] no’ and back away.”

With regard to contestants still in the game, Evvie Jagoda might be the one Tiffany is closest to. She said of Evvie, “We were just in lockstep together. We were strategizing together… It’s almost as if the minute we stepped on that island, I found a long-lost sibling. You know how you find your best friend in college? I found my best friend on this show.” She went on to say that, “Evvie is wonderful. Evvie was someone really super special.”

Fans can watch Tiffany’s post-exit Ponderosa video on Instagram. She is the season’s first jury member, and the first of eight or nine more jury members to join Ponderosa. Be sure to catch the rest of “Survivor 41,” airing Wednesdays 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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