Jenelle Evans’ Insider Makes Stunning Claim on Teen Mom


YouTube Former "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans directed a YouTuber to post stories about her while she was separated from husband David Eason, the insider claims.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans directed a YouTuber to post stories about her while she was separated from husband David Eason, the insider told Heavy in an exclusive interview. Evans has flip-flopped about whether assault accusations against Eason are true, first calling 911 and telling police he broke her collarbone in October 2018 and then taking back the accusations, telling Us Weekly it was a drunken “misunderstanding,” once they got back together in January 2019.

After the assault accusations, Evans split from her husband and moved to Nashville. Starting in 2018, authorities were called on Evans and Eason 25 times, according to Radar Online.

According to Katie Joy, who runs Without a Crystal Ball–a popular YouTube channel with more than 130,000 subscribers–she and Evans started texting shortly after the accusations of domestic abuse. She said they were never friends, but that Evans opened up to her by happenstance.

Evans mistakenly messaged Joy first, accusing her of posting a picture of her 6-year-old son Kaiser. “I was super confused because I didn’t post a picture of Kaiser,” Joy told Heavy.

The YouTuber added she was happy to clear up any rumors. “I told her I’m not in the business of spreading misinformation, so if there’s something I can clear up, I will. And she just started talking to me,” Joy explained. “She would tell me things and be like you can report this, but don’t say it was from me and that kind of stuff.” 

Joy said they texted for a few weeks, but Evans cut off contact with Joy after someone sent the former Teen Mom 2 star a phony screenshot that claimed the YouTuber was supporting Eason. “She cut off contact with me very abruptly, and she’s refused to talk to me since,” Joy said.

The YouTuber thought things were off when Evans tried to tell her how to report to her fans. “I was being told to do things, and that was weird to me because I’m not here to post your agenda,” she said. “And I’m not here to do a narrative. I’m not here to do anyone’s narrative. I just try to be unbiased as much as I can.” 

Evans Later Lashed Out at Joy

Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans/YouTubeA former “Teen Mom” star is facing child abuse allegations.

Once on the inside, the YouTuber later became a target for Evans, with the former Teen Mom 2 star telling her 3 million Instagram followers not to listen to Joy and other YouTube channels like The Grace Report.

It was these YouTubers who were the first to notice the child abuse accusations the couple was facing after Evans posted a court document from the investigation in the second episode of her YouTube series, “I Have Something To Say.”

Evans, Eason and her mother, Barbara Evans, had said they didn’t know why the children were taken away, claiming the only reason authorities might have had to investigate them was Eason’s anger problem. Court documents from Columbus County, North Carolina, where Evans and Eason live, stated they were being investigated over accusations they were physically or sexually abusing the children.

The problems for the couple started when Eason was investigated for animal cruelty after he shot and killed the family’s dog, Nugget, in May 2019. Their children — 13-year-old Maryssa, Kaiser and 3-year-old Ensley — were temporarily removed from the home. They were returned in July after child protective services concluded its investigation.

Both Eason and Evans have vehemently denied these accusations. Eason previously told Heavy  “That was never an allegation. Look up the court documents before you say something that makes you sound like an idiot,” he said. “And where did it say sexual abuse of Ensley?”

“Maybe you should just keep up with the YouTube series to stay up to date,” he continued. “You might not want to publish info that comes from haters.”

Heavy reached out to officials from the Columbus County Department of Social Services in North Carolina but did not receive a response.

Evans never responded to Heavy’s request for comment, but in an Instagram video, she slammed the abuse allegations against Ensley and attacked The Grace Report. “So here’s a report for you, Grace — or whatever the f*** your name is — the allegations of abuse were lies and it was physical abuse against my son — nothing to do with my daughter,” she said.

Why Joy Shared ‘Off The Record’ Text Messages With Evans

Between calling out The Grace Report and her own YouTube channel, Joy posted text messages from Evans on her Instagram account that showed Evans told her Eason was jealous of the attention she gave her children and “treated her like a slave.”

Joy faced a little bit of backlash for sharing the messages, but she said most of the comments were on the record. “What is frustrating is some people are like I can’t believe you would take the stuff that she told you off the record and post it online, but half of the stuff wasn’t even off the record,” Joy told Heavy. “There was one question, and then she was literally directing me and saying, ‘Post this,’ but say it’s coming from this person.” 

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