Catelynn Baltierra Faces Backlash From Teen Mom Fans

Catelynn Baltierra

MTV "Teen Mom OG" star Catelynn Baltierra faced criticism after throwing a Halloween party.

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Baltierra faced criticism after throwing a Halloween party. The star posted a photo on Instagram that showed her carving pumpkins with some of her friends and their children on October 24–and there didn’t appear to be any social distancing involved. While comments under the IG post are limited, fans took to Reddit where they criticized the Michigan resident for not following CDC guidelines during a pandemic.

The post on Reddit was sardonically titled “Cate being a great example for social distancing!” After being live for less than 24 hours, it garnered dozens of upvotes and scores of comments. She originally titled her Instagram post, “First friends Halloween party and it was a huge success <3 Love you all!”

On the Reddit thread, lunagazer8 said “Michigan had record high covid cases yesterday…” As noted by local Michigan news outlet WWTV, reported 3,338 new cases of the coronavirus and 35 deaths related to COVID-19 on October 24. It marked the largest daily increase since the pandemic started, bringing the total of confirmed COVID-19 cases to 58,026 and COVID-19 related deaths to 7,182.

Reddit user PapiIsThePuta was upset that the couple wasn’t following the rules. “When my 7 and almost 11 year old can handle (semi) lockdown and not having birthdays, the most important day for a child in a year, I think teens and adults should be able to handle it,” they wrote. “Everyone needs to chill and count their blessings instead of constantly complaining and breaking the rules.”

LeSwissMcCheese said they weren’t shocked to see Catelynn and husband Tyler throw an indoor party during the pandemic. “Is anyone surprised they would do this? And looking about their “friends” of this party, I would expect nothing less. It’s all par for the course,” they said.

Catelynn Opened Up About The Decision To Give Carly Up For Adoption

Catelynn and Tyler landed on 16 and Pregnant ten years ago, deciding to give their daughter Carly up for adoption. It’s a decision that still haunts them today, as the couple has gone on to become successful, get married and welcome two more children into their lives.

“Knowing what we have now and what life had in store for us, it’s hard not to wonder what that would have looked like if Carly had been along for the ride with us,” Catelynn told Celeb in the beginning of the month. “There is always a sense of wonder that never goes away and gnaws at both of us.”

“Placing Carly for adoption was one of the hardest decisions we ever had to make,” she continued. “While we remain forever grateful to Brandon and Teresa for stepping up to the plate to give Carly the life we couldn’t back then–not to mention being amazing parents to her–it still is a hard thing to relive.”

Catelynn Has Been Working On a New Career

Aside from being an MTV personality, Catelynn has struggled to find her career path. She tried several options, but it seems she might have found her calling. The star has been dabbling in micro-blading, with her mother April as her first client. The star received her certificate.

“CONGRATULATIONS honey! I’m beyond proud of you!” Tyler said when she made the announcement.

She went to the Beauty Bar Academy and shadowed someone before trying micro-blading on her own.”Out here learning,” she captioned a September post.

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