Catelynn Baltierra’s Co-Stars Leak Her Texts As Feud Boils Over

Catelynn Baltierra Ashley Jones

MTV Catelynn Baltierra's private messages were posted by her co-stars as their feud reaches new heights.

Catelynn Baltierra was sucked into the feud between Ashley Jones and Briana DeJesus after Jones claimed that everyone on the cast knew about her pregnancy.

On her podcast, “I Need Wine,” Jones claimed that she had told everyone privately that she was expecting. DeJesus, however, maintained that she didn’t find out until after they were sent home from filming season 2 of “Teen Mom: Family Reunion” in Bend, Oregon, for fighting.

DeJesus alleged Jones spat at her and Jones alleged DeJesus threw a glass. DeJesus also leaked Jones’ pregnancy.

Jade Cline issued a social media statement defending DeJesus and leaked some texts from their private group chat. Baltierra’s comments were included.

“I don’t remember you Ashley making a pregnancy to everyone,” Baltierra wrote, according to Cline’s post. “I do know that I knew but not anyone else because it wasn’t my business to tell anyone else. You didn’t make a group announcement.”

Cheyenne Floyd echoed Baltierra, writing: “Ashley told me she was pregnant off camera and I didn’t tell anyone. It wasn’t my business to tell. The group didn’t know.”

Cline continued to defend DeJesus.

“Don’t sit here and lie on ppl. None of your stories add up and honestly, I’m sick of your bulls***,” she said. :You’ve been doing this s*** for years and I’ll be damned if I sit here and watch you play the victim after the s*** you pulled.”

Jones Leaked Baltierra’s Private Messages, Too

It wasn’t just Cline who shared screenshots of the group texts. Jones also posted messages that were sent to her directly from Baltierra.

“What is going on?!? I really thought only me and Chey knew that you were pregnant,” Baltierra wrote.

“I had individual conversations with every single girl at TMFR besides Jade and Bri about my pregnancy,” Jones answered. “I was also told by production that everyone knew including cast for safety reasons.”  

“I really don’t think anyone knew about the pregnancy besides me and Chey unless you told other people,” Baltierra added.

Jones Maintains DeJesus Knew About Her Pregnancy

While the “Teen Mom” cast is seemingly siding with DeJesus, saying that she and Cline did not know about the pregnancy, Jones said something else on her podcast.

“You knew when you tried it. You knew I was pregnant when you stood up and said you was gonna kick me in my face,” she said. “We all knew I was pregnant.”

“Let me just say this: I don’t feel the need to share what’s going on with my pregnancy because it’s my pregnancy, whether you like it or not,” she added. “I just feel like that was weak as fuck. You don’t try to weaponize someone’s pregnancy. She could’ve gotten her point across without saying that.”

DeJesus took to Twitter, where she made a comment about Bar Smith, Jones’ husband, being locked up.

“She worried about my sex life when she should be worried about her man being someones b**** in a cell smh but anyways sis I am tired… I need a break 😂😂😂😂 send help sos,” DeJesus said.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter” when it airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

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