‘Feed Me’: MTV Video of Child Crying for Food Resurfaces

Chelsea Houska

MTV A "Teen Mom 2" alum was trolled after she accused Chelsea Houska (pictured) of being inauthentic, again.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans was trolled after she accused Chelsea Houska of being inauthentic, again. A post on Reddit garnered nearly 1,000 upvotes from fans, who essentially accused the North Carolina native of being a hypocrite. Jenelle has claimed various times over the years that Chelsea never showed her “raw” self on Teen Mom 2, but fans used her quote against her.

As shown on MTV, Jenelle’s son Kaiser was crying for food while she and her husband David Eason took photos for the wedding save the dates. A social media user mashed the picture of Jenelle’s picture-perfect moment with Kaiser crying and saying “feed me” together.

For the caption, the original poster quoted Jenelle’s now-deleted Facebook post: “Photos make everything seem so perfect. Life is not perfect. Am I right? Don’t believe everything you see on TV and the media.”

Viewers Felt Bad for Kaiser

Some Reddit commenters laughed and called the post “savage,” while others remarked about how “sad” the situation was for Kaiser.

“This is funny and sad,” one person wrote. “But forreal, what is Jenelle’s ‘tea’ on Chelsea? Like we all know she was sleeping with Adam for way too long… but what else?”

“I don’t get janelles one sided fixation on Chelsea,” another commenter said. “If anything Janelles story arc resembles leah’s more.. why is she not angry at Leah?”

Some people were more concerned with Kaiser, the 6-year-old son Jenelle shares with ex-boyfriend Nathan Griffith. “I honestly don’t understand why Jenelle and David still have custody of this child,” one person remarked. “It’s so obvious that neither of them want him and they begrudge every single part of raising him. Why not just quietly hand him off to Doris if she agrees to waive child support?”

Jenelle & David Yelled at Kaiser During Their Photos

David and Jenelle were all dressed up for their save-the-date photos, juxtaposed with Kaiser and Jenelle’s oldest son Jace running around barefoot and without shirts. MTV caught Jenelle and David yelling at the toddler as they instructed a Teen Mom 2 producer to help them take photos.

Kaiser became visibly upset when he got near the camera and his parents yelled and cursed at him. Jenelle and David continued to take photos in multiple different poses, with Kaiser finally screeching “feed me.” The cry didn’t seem to affect David or Jenelle, who said Kaiser was probably just tired.

At the time, viewers were disturbed by the scene and took to social media in droves to condemn the North Carolina couple, as noted by All About The Tea.

Jenelle, 29, was fired from Teen Mom 2 in 2019 after David — who was dismissed the year before — shot and killed their dog, Nugget. The killing launched an investigation by child protective services, who temporarily removed all the children from the Eason-Evans home.

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