Chelsea Houska Accused of Having ‘Botched’ Lips

Chelsea Houska


New photos of “Teen Mom 2” alum Chelsea Houska appeared to show the MTV personality with “botched” lips, per In Touch Weekly. The publication cited a Reddit thread on June 8, which sparked nearly 200 comments from fans. Chelsea has never confirmed that she received lip injections, though earlier seasons of “Teen Mom 2” showed her with thinner lips.

“Daddy housbucks must’ve been making house calls this weekend,” the original poster wrote, sharing a closeup photo of Chelsea’s face.

The South Dakota native donned oversized glasses in the picture and wore a nude shade of lipstick. Most of the comments in the thread were from people who were criticizing the MTV alum or worried about what her face might look like if she continues to change her face.

“Ooof. She’s going to end up at r/botchedsurgeries if she doesn’t chill on that lip filler. It’s starting to migrate,” one Reddit user said.

The reference was a nod to a subreddit where users share pictures of celebrities and people they accuse of being “botched,” a term to describe plastic surgery that didn’t go as planned.

“Her lips looked really tastefully done in the beginning. Now they are getting the botched filler look. She needs to stop now,” another added.

One fan criticized Chelsea, 29, for the lipstick shade she chose. “I wish she would stop matching her lips to the rest of her face,” they wrote. “They’re supposed to have color. Girls put foundation and concealer on their lips back in middle school and that trend stopped. How are you going to get lip fillers and just cover them up to look like an extension of your cheek.”

Chelsea Is Changing Her Look

Chelsea is known for her signature red hair, but the mother-of-four is ready for a change. The MTV alum asked her followers if she should dye her hair black and included a picture of Kylie Jenner as her inspiration.

“I think I’m over the red guys,” she said via Instagram story on June 8. “I am ready to go super dark slash black for a long time and I feel like it’s time.”

She included a poll in her story, with a majority of fans agreeing it was time to switch up her hair color.

“I can’t just do brown,” she added. “I have to do more than that, like black… I can’t just have a basic color. So that’s why I want to go super dark with it.”

Chelsea added that she might go “medium” to begin with, but ultimately she wants her hair to be as dark as possible.

Chelsea & Cole Added Two More to Their Family


It’s no secret that Chelsea is a fan of animals — one of her “Teen Mom 2” episodes showed her and husband Cole DeBoer getting a pig named Pete — and they’re continuing to grow their mini-farm. The star happily announced that she and Cole were adding two cows to their family: Nelson and Steve.

Most of Chelsea’s fans on Instagram were happy to see Cole and Chelsea had purchased two cows. This included a comment from former co-star Kailyn Lowry, who wrote: “Oh my god. Please also frame this 😍”

Some trolls on Reddit, however, had a different reaction.

“I’m a food animal veterinarian living within an hour of a major city… They literally have a 50/50 chance of survival before they ever make it to your house,” one of the top comments reads. “It’s basically as bad as a puppy mill. Hell yes, they’re cute but there’s a dark side to the industry.”

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