Chelsea Houska Accused of Exploiting Her New Baby

Chelsea Houska

MTV "Teen Mom 2" alum Chelsea Houska was accused of exploiting her baby days after her birth.

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska was accused of exploiting her newborn baby, Walker June, days after her January 25 birth. Walker’s due date was in February, so Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer were pretty shocked when their little girl came early.

Since Walker’s birth was a surprise, Cole and Chelsea weren’t able to get a professional photographer in time to take pictures of Walker, but they had preset filters.

“Presets have been so nice, since we weren’t able to have a birth/newborn photographer this time around,” Chelsea wrote on her Instagram story. She included a promotional code with Walker’s name at the bottom.

While most people commented that Walker was adorable, some took the opportunity to attack the Teen Mom 2 alum. They accused Chelsea of profiting off of her baby.

“Chelsea using her brand new baby to sell presets,” one Reddit thread said. “They’re a family of six now they got to make more money!” another added.

When a netizen commented, “That’s gross. Is that why they even had a baby, to advertise her,” a Reddit user accused Chelsea of “exploitation.”

“It’s their whole plan. They didn’t leave MTV to end the exploitation, they just wanted more creative control of the exploitation,” they said. “This goes for all the youtubers/influencers, btw. It’s weird to make money off your kid. I think we’re going to hear all about this new crop of stage parents in the next decade or so.”

Chelsea and Cole confirmed in November that she was leaving Teen Mom 2. Since getting together, Cole and Chelsea have welcomed three children together: 4-year-old Watson, 2-year-old Layne, and newborn Walker. Chelsea shares her oldest daughter, Aubree, with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind. Cole famously stepped in as a father figure and previously expressed interest in adopting the 11-year-old.

People Slammed Walker’s Name

Chelsea is no stranger to criticism. When she was pregnant with Walker, she didn’t want to announce her name to fans.

“I don’t want to hear anyone’s input since I don’t want it to sway how I’m feeling,” Chelsea said on Instagram in December. “So we’ll keep it to us until she’s born. But we’re just so happy with it, we love her name.”

“So many people are asking about the baby’s name. I wish I could tell you guys,” she continued. “I just feel like, with the baby names, I’m so sensitive I just like to keep them to ourselves until the baby is born.”

Chelsea Was Previously Accused of Capitalizing on Her Children

One of the reasons Chelsea quit Teen Mom 2 was because she didn’t like the way she felt when she saw her episodes.

“I was losing sleep over this for weeks. To me, it got to the point where it didn’t feel right anymore, it didn’t feel it was good for my mental health,” the mother-of-four said at the Teen Mom 2 reunion special in January. “It wasn’t an easy decision… This has been my life since I was 17. To say this was a scary decision would be an understatement.”

“It came down to Aubree. You know your kids and what’s best for them. As a family, we were all kind of feeling the same way,” the 28-year-old MTV alum revealed. “I cherish the open relationship I have with Aubree. When I would see some scenes of her and I alone talking, when I tell you it made me sick, I did not like how it made me feel anymore.”

At the beginning of Season 10, viewers accused Chelsea of capitalizing off Aubree, saying she showed more of her daughter’s drama than her own. Fans saw Aubree get a new phone, go to the father-daughter dance with Cole, get braces and struggle with her relationship with her father.

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