SEE IT: Cole DeBoer Channels SpongeBob & David Hasselhoff in Silly Vacation Videos

Cole DeBoer

YouTube Cole DeBoer films a wallpapering video for YouTube.

“Teen Mom” star Chelsea Houska has been sharing tidbits of her fun family vacation with fans in recent days, and it looks like they have been having a blast. Houska’s husband Cole DeBoer decided to get in on the fun with some TikTok videos, and it appears many show viewers have gotten a kick out of his efforts.

Here’s what you need to know:

DeBoer Paid Tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants

The DeBoer crew headed to Siesta Key, Florida recently for a fall getaway, and kids Aubree, Watson, Layne, and Walker seemed to have a blast with mom and dad while everybody was in “vacation mode.” “Teen Mom’ fans have had a few opportunities to see all the kids embracing their time in Florida, but DeBoer managed to fly solo with a few fun silly TikTok posts. One vacation video he shared was a riff on a line from “SpongeBob SquarePants” and showed DeBoer questioning his wife about his missing “Diet Dr. Kelp.” While it seemed likely some “Teen Mom” fans were not familiar with the line and may have been confused, it appeared plenty of DeBoer’s followers got the joke.

“I don’t know how many times I quote this SpongeBob line on a daily basis,” joked one person.

“You two are the goofiest, I adore it,” commented someone else.

“This wins the internet today,” declared another fan.

“Model Status” Was Achieved in Full

Another TikTok shared by DeBoer showcased the “Teen Mom” star “modeling” for some snapshots by a “photographer.” The short series of photos he included in his TikTok post were clearly chosen because they highlighted DeBoer’s goofy side, as they certainly did not necessarily flatter him. That TikTok was definitely a hit, as fans filled the comments section with compliments.

“It’s giving Nacho Libre vibes,” teased one person, referencing the Jack Black movie of the same name.

“I need me a cole in my life. I wish Chelsea and you had your own show,” quipped another fan.

“Cole is a whole VIBE,” declared someone else.

More recently, DeBoer shared his own personal version of “Baywatch.” It seemed the “Teen Mom” star wanted to take full advantage of his time at the beach and near the ocean with this one, and the video was another hit among his followers. He shared that clip on both TikTok and Instagram, tagging “Baywatch” stars David Hasselhoff and Zac Efron in the captions.

He joked he was “Here to protect and serve” as he ripped off his shirt and went running to the ocean. Some “Teen Mom” fans pointed out it appeared he had cut the collar of his Yeti brand shirt a bit to ensure he could easily tear it apart, a move that gave some followers a good laugh.

“Waited his whole life for this moment,” teased one commenter.

“A cinematic masterpiece,” joked another.

“The already partially ripped shirt gotta get through that collar lol,” pointed out someone else.

“This is apparently the video I didn’t even know I needed… and I need so much more of – Sorry Chelsea,” quipped a fourth “Teen Mom” fan.

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