David Eason Poses in Underwear with Braids

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David Eason posed in his underwear while sporting braids for his most recent Instagram.

He captioned the social media picture, “I really appreciate all the love yall been giving me on my OF! ❤❤❤ My DMs are poppin and everyone is being so nice! Yall have really given me the biggest confidence boost! If you want to chat with me one on one or see the rest of pictures like this just hit the link in my bio!”

While Instagram users posted supportive comments about Eason, Redditors had different feelings about the post. One user commented in regards to Eason’s wife, Jenelle Evans, “How is she not mortified/embarrassed by this mannnnnn ?!?!”

Another wrote, “Ew, David. He’s so gross!” And a third added, “I will never financially recover from all of the therapy I’ll need after seeing this.”

Here’s what you need to know:

David Eason Recently Joined Only Fans

In his Instagram post, Eason shouted out Only Fans– he joined the platform on May 11, 2022.

The former reality star announced the news on his Instagram page on May 10, 2022. He posted a photo sitting on a lawn chair wearing tighty whities. He captioned the photo, “Yes we both did it! Link in bio!”

Eason’s profile on Only Fans reads, “I’m one hot Katdaddy,” and he charges $10/month to subscribe to his page.
According to Complex, Only Fans caught the attention of the public in Summer 2020 as more sex workers began using the platform during lockdowns. The outlet reported: “The subscription-based platform has since ballooned into a world of its own, where artists, entertainers, sex workers, and others can monetize their influence.”

Jenelle Evans & David Eason on Only Fans

depressed.Not to be all dramatic, BUT social media HAS been getting to me lately. I needed to take a couple of days to relax and take a step back. Like and subscribe for more content like this daily! Turn notifications ON to know when video uploads are posted ❤️ #mentalhealth2022-05-04T18:20:55Z

Eason and his wife, Evans, have not shared their motivation behind joining Only Fans.

However, in early May 2022, Evans did announce that a number of her brand deals had fallen through because of a “hate campaign” against her.

She began the above YouTube video wearing glasses, telling the camera, “I don’t want anyone to see my tears because all they do is make memes about it.”

She continued, “It’s just… you know, haters. It just gets to me because I’m trying to move on and I’m trying to focus on the positive in life and not focus on the negative but it’s really hard…there’s a group of haters that just have a hate campaign against me and they literally comment on all these posts.”

Evans shared that she had secured a six month brand deal that went south after “haters” intervened.

“That was job security and security for my family,” Evans explained. “It’s like another side income that was promised upon for six months. I haven’t done anything to deserve this.”

To date, the video has accrued over 32,000 views.

In the comments section of the YouTube video, fans were extremely supportive of the former reality star. One person wrote, “MTV did you dirty, the Fans/haters did you dirty and you deserve happiness. Reddit needs to delete the subreddit that is after you bc its not ok for it to still exist, I went and looked at it and i was horrifyed.”

Another seconded that notion, writing, “Jenelle, so sorry that this is happening to you, the haters are wrong for what they’re doing, you’ve done nothing wrong to be targeted like this.”

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