Dr. Drew Slammed by ‘TMOG’ Star During Explosive Reunion

Dr. Drew

MTV The "Teen Mom OG" star wasn't willing to play nice with Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Season 9 reunion.

Teen Mom OG star Josh Mckee wasn’t willing to play nice with Dr. Drew Pinsky at the Season 9 reunion. He accused the celebrity therapist and MTV host of being combative with him.

“Yeah, ever since 16 and Pregnant, you just wanna jump down my throat,” Josh, who is married to TMOG personality Mackenzie Mckee, said in the clip. Dr. Drew appeared to be stunned by the accusations. The teaser is only seconds long and it wasn’t immediately clear how the host responded to Josh.

Mackenzie has publicly accused Josh of cheating on her several times throughout their marriage, though the Oklahoma native admitted to also straying from her marriage.

The couple has famously had a tumultuous relationship, with Mackenzie’s late mother Angie Douthit championing the marriage.

The duo has currently reconnected, with Josh joining Mackenzie and their children in Florida. While they seem to be happy for now, most fans don’t like that they’re still together.

The Teen Mom OG star mocked viewers with a sardonic tweet. “Taking applications for a fake husband so people will be happy for me,” she tweeted on April 11.

Mackenzie previously accused MTV of highlighting Josh’s shortcomings while minimizing hers.

“I gotta give it to this show. They have managed to do a great job at hiding all of my faults and highlighting Josh’s,” she tweeted on March 16. “Most days I feel as if it’s my marriage against the world. I can be married or divorce him to make y’all happy.”

Mackenzie continued to defend her husband. “Because if you all think he’s been unfaithful beyond what I have? It’s comical. Am I proud? No. We married way too young and both came to a place of wondering if we belong together,” she added. “I can’t sit back and be called weak anymore.”

Mackenzie Is ‘Proud’ of Her Co-stars

On the Season 9 finale of Teen Mom OG, Mackenzie congratulated all her co-stars for finishing. “Honestly I’m just proud of all the moms on the show,” she wrote. “Everyone was so strong this season. Through the good and the bad. Being vulnerable and open to a judgemental world is not easy. We are humans just like you #TeenMomOG

She also sent a special message to Amber Portwood, who struggled to maintain a relationship with her 12-year-old daughter Leah during Season 9. “I’m rooting Amber on every single day. Mental health can rob us from who we truly are and is not a joke,” she tweeted. “Love ya amber #teenmomog.”

Mackenzie Confused Fans When She Said She Didn’t Care If They Stayed Together

Mackenzie shocked some of her fans last month when she wrote a message that made it seem like she was indifferent about her and Josh staying married.

“He always gets me red roses and blue violets,” she said. “Idc if we end up apart one day. I just wish him happiness because this is my best friend.”

Some viewers accused Josh of being emotionally abusive toward Mackenzie. “Again emotional abuse is NOT OK!!! THIS IS NOT OK,” one person wrote.

“It makes me so sad how much your family push you to be with someone so toxic and even sadder that you don’t see how unhealthy this is,” another said.

Others weren’t convinced the relationship would last forever. “Baby I think the body language says it all… you are open, embracing him with your whole body. He is turned away, looking elsewhere,” a fan told Mackenzie on Twitter.

To find out what happens at the Teen Mom OG reunion, tune in to MTV on Tuesday at 8 p.m. Eastern time.

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