Teen Mom Alum Jenelle Evans Faces Third Dog Scandal

Jenelle Evans

Instagram/Jenelle Evans "Teen Mom 2" alum Jenelle Evans is embroiled in another dog scandal.

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is facing another scandal involving one of her pets, a Goldendoodle named Rosey. Some Reddit users accused her of replacing Rosie with an imposter dog after she ran away and deleted all the photos of her from Instagram. Others feared the worst and claimed Jenelle or her husband David might have killed the dog and then tried to cover it up by getting a new one to avoid being investigated by police.

“David killed that dog she decides to post she’s missing to pretend she ran away instead of was killed and now that someone returned a random dog to her she just has to pretend it’s hers,” one Reddit user theorized. “She can’t admit her dog is dead and she knows this is a random dog.”

There are multiple threads about Rosey, whose name is also spelled Rosie, as netizens post pictures to try to figure out if it’s the same dog. One claim is that the new dog’s snout is a different size and her fur seems different also.

Jenelle has denied the allegations and tried to offer explanations for why Rosey’s nose was a different color when she returned, according to screenshots obtained by TV Show Ace.

Jenelle, 29, typed “Goldendoodles nose turned pink” into Google and shared a screengrab of her search to Instagram. “Learned something new! Thanks, haters,” she wrote. “LOL Y’all… it’s just a winter condition that some dogs have.”

The North Carolina native also shared a new picture of Rosey after she returned home. “For all the Redditors out there making conspiracy this isn’t Rosey… it def is,” she wrote. 

The condition Jenelle was referring to could be “Snow Nose” or “Winter Nose,” according to The Spruce Pets. It’s not a life-threatening condition.

“This is usually a temporary condition and is not a health concern,” they wrote. “Snow nose in dogs is purely a cosmetic issue.” While the condition is more popular in breeds like Siberian huskies and golden retrievers, it can happen to any dog. Treatment is not needed and most noses return to their normal color over time. The site also noted that changes in a dog’s nose could be signs of more serious issues if the nose is also bleeding, has open sores, is crusting, scaling, or irritated.

Jenelle Doesn’t Have a Great History With Dogs

Jenelle, 29, was fired from Teen Mom 2 in May 2019 after her husband, David Eason, shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget. He claimed the dog had been nipping at their 3-year-old daughter, Ensley Jolie, and fatally shot the family’s pet when Nugget bit the toddler in the face. Police closed their investigation against David after Jenelle said she made the story up. Police had searched the property but didn’t find any evidence that Nugget was killed there, as reported by Entertainment Online.

Jenelle and David were then investigated by Child Protective Servies and all the children were removed from the home. They were returned just before Independence Day, with Jenelle and David briefly breaking up. The Teen Mom 2 alum moved to Nashville with Ensley and Kaiser, her two youngest children. Jace, who Jenelle shares custody of with mother Barbara, stayed in North Carolina with his grandmother.

By January 2020, rumors started to swirl that David and Jenelle had reconnected. By March 2020 they confirmed they were back together.

Jenelle Was Accused of Stealing a Pit Bull

Following the scandal over Nugget, Jenelle became embroiled in another controversy involving a dog when she was accused of stealing a pregnant pit bull. The mother-of-three claimed she had rescued the pit bull from the cold and was willing to reunite her with its owner.

“Wow, now it turns into ‘call the cops on Jenelle for a stray pit bull having puppies,’” she wrote on December 6. “I did not breed this dog. I did not steal this dog. I gave this dog a home and have been feeding her. Whoever left this dog chained outside being pregnant in 35-degree weather is beyond me but luckily she found us and we gave her a warm spot to sleep since then. Don’t leave your animals out in the freezing weather.”

“Funny I delete the Reddit app and I literally have people messaging me telling me how they are brewing up some drama purposefully about this entire dog situation. The internet is literally insane sometimes,” she continued in a December tweet. “The devil shows up at the most unexpected times.”

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