Fans Rag on Jenelle Evans After ‘Inappropriate’ Instagram Story

Jenelle Evans MTV

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Fans slammed “Teen Mom” star Jenelle Evans after posting a new Instagram Story they deemed inappropriate.

On July 28, Evans shared an Instagram Story while getting a pedicure.

Here’s what you need to know.

Fans Are ‘Grossed out’ by Jenelle Evans’ Pedicure Video: ‘She Has No Idea How to Take Flattering Photos’

Jenelle Evans

InstagramJenelle Evans posted about her pedicure on Instagram

The post, which has since expired from her account, was shared on social media and fans reacted to it.

According to The Sun, fans criticized Evans for her “inappropriate” clothes, including “dumpy sweatpants.”

“It’s late July, hot AF outside, and she’s wearing sweatpants? Why?” another fan said, according to the outlet.

Additionally, the outlet reported the fans were “grossed out” by her feet and legs.

“She has no idea how to take flattering photos,” someone said, according to the outlet. “This angle makes her look like she has elephant legs.”

“Her legs look like a squashed toothpaste tube from that angle,” someone else said.

“Those aren’t feet. Those are hooves. She hasn’t been able to get her hair or nails done professionally in a long time,” a fan said.

“Can we all take a moment and say a quick prayer for that poor nail technician?” another commenter asked.

Fans Were Confused by Evans’ TikTok Video: ‘How Is She Not Embarrassed?’


Bathing suit matches my pool 👙☀️

♬ L$d – Luclover

Fans also went after Evans’ recent TikTok video in a blue-green bikini.

The video, posted on June 29 has over 80,000 views already. In it, Evans is dancing poolside along with the caption “Bathing suit matches my pool.”

Many of the comments were positive about her look.

“You look so healthy girl loving it,” a fan said.

“Hey Jenelle, idk who gave you permission to look this good, ” someone wrote. “you look so happy and healthy xxx.”

“That’s your color ! You look so good here,” someone else said.

“wish I had your confidence! loving that suit on u!” someone else wrote.

But like anything, the trolls flooded in as well.

A whole Reddit thread, titled “The belly strap on that suit is something” discussed the video.

“How is she not embarrassed? What drugs make you lose all sense of reality?” a Redditor wrote on the thread.

“Starting to think these Jenelle videoes should have NSFYE warnings–Not Suitable For Your Eyes or WETV–Warning Erge To Vomit. If I did not make these up that’s even sadder than this video,” another person wrote. 

She looks like an idiot like usual trying to dance but I actually think she looks pretty good in that suit,” someone said, slightly defending the “Teen Mom” star. Another commenter did the same by writing, “The color is very pretty on her. She’s a terrible dancer, though.”

“This is so embarrassing. For her life. For her soul,” another person said.

“Wtf is she wearing?” another person said.

“I know I’ve often thought to myself, ‘You know what this bathing suit needs? A BELT!’ while doing a stupid Trump-like dance that ends with magic fingers,” someone wrote.

“It’s extremely unsettling to watch her dancing videos without sound,” a fan said. 

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