WATCH: Kail Lowry Posts Unexpected Video With Vee Rivera

Kail Lowry

MTV Some trolls love to mock "Teen Mom 2" star Kail Lowry, but the mother-of-four proved she laugh at herself.

Some trolls love to mock “Teen Mom 2” star Kail Lowry, but the mother-of-four proved she laugh at herself. There’s an iconic “cave” scene that has started to resurface since the earlier days of “Teen Mom 2” were added to Netflix.

Kail decided to revisit the scene, but instead of making the video with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, she had his wife Vee Rivera step in to play Jo’s part. Vee and Kail also had a rocky start at the beginning of their relationship, but they now host the popular podcast “Baby Mamas No Drama” together.

The scene starts with Kail sitting down and Vee entering the room. Vee mouths Jos famous lines: “It’s a beautiful day isnt it,” Vee says as Jo to Kail. “You don’t deserve to be outside. You belong in a cave.” It seems like Vee is holding back laughter as she emphasizes the word “cave.”

Since it’s been posted the clip has done relatively well on Kails TikTok account, garnering more than 825,000 views since it was uploaded on May 11 to promote the new episode of “Baby Mamas No Drama” and “Teen Mom 2.” What really made this video different from the rest was the amount of attention it got in the comments section, amassing more than 2,300 responses.

People on Reddit Loved Kail’s TikTok With Vee


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There was a similar reaction after Kail’s TikTok video was uploaded to the Teen Mom subreddit.

“Okay, Kail got me with this one,” the original poster wrote. The thread received more than 1,400 upvotes, making it the most popular post for the subreddit on May 11.

“This is my favorite scene ever and this is the most amazing thing ever,” one person wrote.

“You know that Jo spent all day thinking of that insult for tv and when he dropped it he was like ‘nailed it,'” another person said.

“Vee’s face when she drops that line is priceless,” a third commenter wrote. “AND the fact that Joe was locked and loaded with that insult will never not be funny. This scene lives rent-free in my heart. Good on Kail for laughing at herself.”

Kail Is on Bad Terms With Chris Lopez Again

While Kail has been able to work things out with Jo and Vee, she hasn’t been able to find the same common ground with ex-boyfriend Chris Lopez. She and Chris share two children together — 3-year-old Lux and 9-month-old Creed — but they started to squabble with one another ahead of the season 11 premiere of “Teen Mom 2” on May 4.

Kail called her ex “ridiculous” after he hinted he might sue MTV if they showed his face on the series. “MTV is a huge company. They know what they can and can’t do,” the mother-of-four explained on Instagram, defending the network. “They know when they should or shouldn’t blur someone’s face out.”

Chris isn’t the only one of Kail’s exes who do not want to appear on the show. The MTV personality told Us Weekly that Jo and ex-husband Javi Marroquin are also uninterested in filming “Teen Mom 2.”

“I think this season I tried really hard to kind of keep a lot of things private, only because none of my kids’ dads really want to film,” she said.

To find out what happens next, don’t miss “Teen Mom 2” when it airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern time on MTV.

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